Butt implants: with or without fat transfer?

Butt implants: with or without fat transfer?

12th Jun 2019


Butt implant surgery is performed on a daily basis all over the United States and in many countries around the world. The procedure is one of the safest and surest methods that can provide you with a bigger, rounder and perkier butt in a matter of hours. However, it is not the only procedure offered by plastic surgery for patients who want to increase the size of the buttocks and improve its shape. The other procedure performed with the aim of enhancing the appearance of the buttocks is fat transfer. Unlike butt implant surgery, fat transfer uses only the patient’s own fat cells collected from areas with an excess of an adipose layer to augment and improve the shape of the rear end.

Butt implants deliver more impressive results in terms of projection and the type of augmentation that can be achieved in just one session. There is a limited amount of fat cells that will survive one session of fat transfer, and this often means that to get a considerable augmentation, more sessions need to be performed.

The details of each buttock augmentation procedure will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation, and he will recommend a suitable one depending on your anatomy and aesthetic goals. Fat transfer is only possible on patients with an excess of adipose tissue somewhere on the body. Thin or petite patients with no considerable subcutaneous fat layer are not good candidates for the procedure.

Butt implant surgery can be performed on practically any type of patient, both men and women, as long as they don’t have a medical contraindication to the procedure. But if the augmentation that you desire entails the use of an implant that is too big to be covered properly by the existing tissues of the buttocks, the plastic surgeon might recommend using implants with fat transfer.

When the plastic surgeon uses implants and fat transfer in the same session, the results are more natural and the augmentation can be more significant. Combining the two procedures is especially recommended for a patient who wants a considerable increase in the size of the buttocks while keeping a very natural result and a round and beautiful shape of the buttocks. When we use just implants, we can’t control the overall shape of the buttocks as the implants can only be inserted in the upper part of the butt, where the gluteal muscles are. This means that we can’t improve the sides of the buttocks by using just implants. But we can do this through fat transfer. Generally speaking, the results achieved when using both fat transfer and implants are superior to when using just one of the procedures. But again, it all depends on the recommendation of your plastic surgeon and your anatomy.

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