Butt lift and skin tightening without scars

Butt lift and skin tightening without scars

01st Sep 2017

A sagging butt isn’t flattering because is a sign of aging. This is the reason why many women look for ways to improve their butts. One way to remove the sagging of the butt is to have a butt lift. The butt lift procedure tightens the skin to make your buttocks look plumper.

The butt lift procedure can be done through the use of an implant or the Brazilian butt lift technique. If you want something that doesn’t have too much scarring, the best procedure to solve the sagging of the buttock is the Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that involves making use of fat to plump up the buttocks. This procedure can help produce bigger and better-shaped buttocks. It is a two-step procedure that first starts with the liposuction of fat. The fat comes from other areas of the body where it is more abundant. In most cases, the fat is taken from the tummy, thigh, and arm area.

After the liposuction, the fat is purified so that only fat cells remain. This will then be injected into the buttocks to plump it up and to prevent the sagging. When the buttocks are filled up with fat, the sagging is no longer noticeable. It will be in a better and rounder shape. The size can also be increased with this procedure.

Scarring in Brazilian butt lift is only minimal as there are no incisions made. Needle marks are the only one visible but they easily heal leaving little or no scar at all. This is the best procedure for those who want to augment and remove the sagging of the buttocks without having huge scars.

Although there are no incisions, patients are still advised not to put pressure on their buttocks after the procedure. Patients are not allowed to sit or lie down on their backs because it will only put much pressure on the buttocks. Limited pressure on the buttocks is advised to make sure that most of the fat cells transferred will survive. This ensures that the buttocks won’t revert back to what it used to be.

Although this procedure is really good, it is not applicable to all. There are certain people who do not have enough fat that can be used for this procedure. In such a case, other surgeries are available to them. Although the other procedures produce scarring, most surgeons make sure that they are only minimal.

Incisions in implant surgery are hidden in the crease of the buttocks. These scars eventually fade until they are no longer visible. In order to make sure that the scars are minimal, it is important to know how to take care of the wounds. Thus, it is important to strictly follow the instructions of their surgeons.

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