Butt lift versus the brazilian butt lift

Butt lift versus the brazilian butt lift

09th Jul 2019



The butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift are two distinct plastic surgery procedures meant to treat different aesthetic flaws in the buttocks. The butt lift is used to treat saggy buttocks whereas the Brazilian butt lift adds projection and shape to smaller buttocks. Both procedures are commonly performed in the US, with tens of thousands of women undergoing each procedure.

While the primary goals of both these procedures are to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks, there are also specific medical indications for each procedure. Some medical signs are different between both procedures while others overlap. But the fact remains that medical indications are rare for these procedures and the primary reason why women seek these procedures are for aesthetic improvements.


Butt lift versus Brazilian butt lift

It is essential for patients to understand what conditions the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift can treat so that they can know and understand the medical indications. The butt lift effectively restores the firmness and perkiness of the derriere. Many life events and factors can cause the buttocks to become saggy and loose. There is no doubt that saggy buttocks look aesthetically unpleasant. When the buttocks become severely saggy, it can even trigger health issues. 

Saggy buttocks make you look aged. The primary causes of saggy buttocks include aging, poor skin elasticity, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, gravity, and other similar factors. For example, when you gain massive weight and then lose weight, your skin elastin and gluteal muscles will be weakened, which can cause your buttocks to become saggy.

The butt lift can effectively treat saggy derriere. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is highly invasive. The plastic surgeon will make incisions on the buttocks and then access the gluteal muscle through the incisions. Next, the doctor will tighten and repair the weak and separated gluteal muscles. In the next step, the surgeon will remove any stubborn fat pockets from the buttocks and then remove the excess skin. The remaining skin is then re-draped and the incisions are sutured and closed. Your buttocks will then become firmer and aesthetically appealing after some weeks and months.

On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift effectively enhances smaller and less projected buttocks by adding projection and shape to them. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. To qualify for the BBL, you need to have excess fat in your body. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the fat donor areas in your body like the abdomen and sides. The surgeon will then process and purify the fat and then inject the fat cells into your buttocks. As a result, your buttocks will become fuller, projected, and shapelier. 


What are the medical indications?

Most women undergo the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift for aesthetic purposes. There are only rare candidates who seek the procedure for medical purposes. But specific cosmetic complications can also affect your physical and psychological health in indirect ways. Below are the medical indications for the procedures:


– Saggy buttocks are prone to contracting infections

The first and most important medical indication for the butt lift is that severely saggy buttocks are prone to contracting possible infections. When the buttocks become severely saggy, folds make their way into the skin. The skin folds traps dirt, which ultimately leads to diseases. When an infection happens, it can affect the health of the patient. If not treated promptly, the infection can spread to other areas and organs of the body and even be life-threatening.

The good news is that you can prevent infection in your buttock skin by undergoing the butt lift. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the excess skin from the buttocks, which will make your buttocks firmer and eliminate the skin folds. As a result, the infection will be prevented and your buttocks will look aesthetically welcoming.


– Maintaining your posture and sitting

Severely saggy buttocks can also affect sitting, walking, and maintaining your posture. You may even experience pain in your back, hips, and other areas of the body when your gluteal muscle has become extremely weak and separated. The pain will be more pinching when sitting or walking and even standing. The gluteal muscle plays a vital role in helping you to sit, walk, and stand. 

Fortunately, the butt lift involves tightening of the gluteal muscles as well. As a result of the procedure, your gluteal muscles will become stronger, tighter, and provide more support to your body, besides enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your buttocks. It can remove the discomforts associated with saggy buttocks and weak gluteal muscle. After the procedure, you will gain more strength and be able to maintain a better posture and walk, sit, and stand without much difficulty.


– Physical inactivity due to poorly shaped buttocks

When the buttocks are poorly shaped, lack projection, or are saggy, most patients withdraw themselves from physically healthy activities. They feel embarrassed and avoid exercises, swimming, and other such activities that are necessary to maintain good health. The main reason why they avoid physical activities is lower self-esteem that results from the aesthetically unwelcoming appearance of the buttocks. When you are not physically active, health problems will soon affect you. 

If your buttocks are smaller and lack projection and the condition is keeping you from healthy, physical activities, you may consider getting the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure can effectively enhance the shape of your buttocks and add projection to your backside. After the procedure, you will appear aesthetically pleasant and resume your physical activities like swimming, jogging, and exercises because your self-esteem will get a boost.

On the other hand, if your saggy buttocks are affecting your self-esteem and physical activities, the butt lift can restore the firmness and youthfulness of your buttocks. Your self-esteem will be restored after the procedure, and you will be physically active again, which will help prevent health issues. 


– Cognitive health and self-esteem issues

Aesthetic shortcomings and flaws in the buttocks can also create cognitive issues for women. In other words, these problems can affect your psychological health. When your mental health is affected, problems will soon start to emerge in different aspects of your life. You will feel unsatisfied with your life and body image. Some patients who are more sensitive and body-conscious will even experience depression when their buttocks are not in tune with the modern trends of projected, shapelier, fuller, and firmer buttocks.

To prevent or treat emotional and psychological health problems resulting from saggy or smaller buttocks, you may consider undergoing the butt lift or Brazilian butt lift. These procedures can help treat the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, which can in turn improve your cognitive and emotional health. You will feel stable after the procedure and be content with your life and physical appearance. 


– Overall health condition    

To qualify for the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift, you need to be in good health. You must not be suffering from severe health issues like extreme diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune problems, and blood disorders. It is crucial for the patient to share her complete health history with the plastic surgeon. Keep in mind that the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift are invasive procedures and you will be at higher risks if you have severe health issues.


Are there any contraindications?

There are specific contraindications for undergoing the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift. If you have severe health problems, the surgeon may advise you to avoid the procedures as you would be exposed to more risks. 

Secondly, if your aesthetic goals and expectations are not realistic and achievable, you will be told not to undergo these procedures as you will not be happy with the results. Keep in mind that the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift can effectively enhance your buttocks, but you should not expect these procedures to introduce transformational changes to your entire body or convert you into a celebrity. 

Also, if you are a smoker and not ready to stop smoking before the surgery and remain a non-smoker during the recovery period, you will not be a good candidate for the procedure. Smoking can affect the healing process, leading to health and aesthetic complications.



The butt lift and Brazilian butt lift are major and highly invasive procedures that can effectively enhance your derriere. Even though most women see these procedures for cosmetic reasons, there are also specific medical indications for these procedures. These procedures can help treat some medical problems that the patients might experience due to the aesthetic issues in the buttocks. Those medical indications have been discussed above. It is vital for the patient to analyze the risks of the surgery against the benefits and undergo surgery only as a last option. Also, different flaws in the buttocks require different plastic surgery procedures. Be sure to discuss with the surgeon the options to enhance your buttocks. 


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