Butt lift with implants: yes or no?

Butt lift with implants: yes or no?

23rd Mar 2021

The appearance of the buttocks is very important for many of us, men and women alike. Plastic surgery has many different procedures to offer that can help give us the physical appearance we desire. In some cases, butt augmentation procedures are the optimal surgical plan; in others, it is the butt lift that is deemed more suitable. However, it is important to know that the butt lift can also be performed with butt implants for a better aesthetic result.

When looking for the right procedure to correct saggy buttocks, many patients discover that they are not good candidates for fat transfer to the butt when the patient has lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time and developed saggy buttocks. As a result, fat transfer can’t help improve the area too much. 

When we have excess skin, the only procedure that can correct this efficiently is the traditional butt lift. The butt lift implies a surgical excision of the skin that is in excess on the buttocks. When the butt lift is performed, the patient should expect to be administered general anesthetic. After this, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the buttocks. 

The types of incisions to be performed and their placement is dependent on the amount of skin sagginess and where the skin folds are localized. After the incisions are made, the skin is detached from the gluteal muscles and then re-draped to get a better tension of the skin in the area. The skin excess is eliminated and the incisions are sutured. In some cases, the butt lift can be performed with liposuction, but also with butt implants. 

After weight loss, it is common for patients to struggle with a loss of volume on the buttocks and an excess of skin. In other words, most patients who lost weight in a short period of time will have a small, flat and saggy butt. To correct this and get a considerable improvement, the plastic surgeon might recommend getting a butt lift with implants. This means that aside from the techniques performed to lift the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will also create a pocket inside or under the gluteal muscles and insert implants that will considerably increase the projection of the buttocks. As a result, the patient will not only get rid of the excess skin but will also have bigger, more alluring buttocks with an impressive projection.

While we can combine a butt lift with implants, the procedure can’t be combined with fat transfer. When the butt lift is performed, the fat grafted to the buttocks won’t survive in the new environment. Hence, the recommendation is to get a lift with implants.

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