Butt procedures for men

Butt procedures for men

09th Nov 2018

Now more than ever, men are preoccupied with their physical appearance. The need to be aesthetically pleasing can be considered a demand of modern society. Nowadays improved aesthetics can lead to a better job, a better-looking life partner, and even more social interactions. When considering these aspects, it comes as only natural for men to choose to improve their looks with plastic surgery. If before it was mostly about enhancing the facial features with otoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and erasing the wrinkles to look younger, now men are also undergoing procedures to improve certain features of the body, such as the buttocks.

The butt procedure performed for men are the same as for women: butt augmentation with implants or fat transfer, liposuction, butt lift or the Brazilian butt lift. However, the procedure most often recommended for male patients is gluteoplasty with silicone implants.

The procedure of butt augmentation with gluteal implants is somehow similar to a breast augmentation with implants. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make the incision on each butt cheek or in the intra gluteal fold to make pockets inside or under the gluteal muscles to insert the silicone implants. The incisions are sutured and compressive bandages are placed over the operated area. The patient is advised not to sit or lie directly on the butt for about three weeks to allow the gluteal implants to settle and to avoid the risk of opening the incisions due to the extra pressure.

Butt implants are very different from breast implants. Men are often worried that their buttocks will feel like soft and smooth breasts after the procedure. This is very far from the truth. After the procedure, the buttocks will feel like toned muscles, so their consistency will be very different from the consistency of the breasts. Gluteal implants are harder to the touch as they need to take much more pressure on a daily basis.

Men who experienced sudden weight loss after bariatric surgery or drastic diets will probably be interested in undergoing a butt lift surgery to improve the appearance of the buttocks. After significant weight loss, the buttocks can become saggy and lose its aesthetic appearance. During the butt lift procedure, the plastic surgeon will make an incision to remove the excess skin and fat tissue. It is often the case that people interested in getting the butt lift also choose to have butt implants inserted to improve their appearance even further.

The Brazilian butt lift is another procedure that can be performed on men. To be eligible for this procedure, the patient should have an excess of fat tissue in other areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, upper or lower back. The fat is extracted from these areas with the help of liposuction, processed and then re-injected into the buttocks to create a nicer or more appealing shape. To sustain the results of the BBL, the patient should keep a stable weight after the procedure.

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