Butt thread lift procedure

Butt thread lift procedure

13th Apr 2018

Saggy buttocks are never considered attractive, which is why people are always looking for a way to correct them. There are surgical procedures that can be done in order to lift the buttocks. There is the traditional butt lift where excess skin is removed, a Brazilian butt lift where fat is used to plump up the buttocks, and then there is the butt thread lift, which uses knotted threads to lift the buttocks.

In theory, the thread lift is a great idea, but unfortunately, the results are not long term. Some may not even notice any results at all. The thread just isn’t capable of lifting the whole mass of the buttocks. The worst part is, the thread may be easily infected and removing them can be quite challenging.

Instead of a thread lift procedure, most surgeons would advise going for a Brazilian butt lift because it is a less invasive procedure and it is effective. It is also safe because the fat used comes from the same person undergoing the butt lift.

Lifting the Butt

One of the areas in the body that women feel conscious about is their buttocks. With the celebrities flaunting their big and round behinds, it is no wonder that many women don’t think theirs is attractive enough. This leads women to find ways on how to lift their buttocks so that it looks better. A traditional butt lift involves the removal of excess skin to achieve a tighter appearance of the buttocks, whereas the Brazilian butt lift utilizes fat to reshape the buttocks to make it rounder and more attractive. On the other hand, there is also a method known as the butt thread lift procedure, which uses knotted threads to help lift the buttocks.

Butt Thread Lift Procedure

The butt thread lift procedure is typically done in two steps. During the first step, the patient will be given a mild sedative and under local anesthetic. The surgeon will start with making a small incision above the middle fold of the buttocks. Afterwards, a surgical thread with knots and a cone covering each knot will then be inserted into the butt cheeks. Each thread will pass through the fatty area of the buttocks, and the knotted threads with the cones will cause the area to form fibrous tissue. It takes about an hour for this first procedure to be completed.

The second step is done 1- 3 months after the initial procedure. By this time, there should be enough fibrous tissue on the cones covering the knot of the surgical threads. The threads will then be pulled to lift the buttocks to the desired lifted appearance. The threads will be tied securely to each other to maintain the lifted appearance of the butt and then it will be placed inside the incision before it is closed. Also, this thread lift can be combined with a Brazilian butt lift procedure in order to reshape the buttocks.

Does It Work?

While there are surgeons who offer this kind of procedure, there are also many surgeons who do not think it will work. Some say that it can be effective, but the results are not long lasting. Some may not even have effective results at all. Many surgeons say that the thread just isn’t capable of supporting the butt. Thread lifting procedures have been done for the cheeks of the face, but that too has been met with disappointments. The gravity is just too strong for the thread to maintain the lifted appearance of the buttocks.

Aside from not being able to lift the buttocks for a long time, the threads and the cones used in this procedure might also cause you to develop an infection. When this procedure proves to be ineffective, patients would want the threads removed and it can be quite difficult for the surgeon especially when the thread breaks into pieces.

The Better Alternative

If a patient really wants her buttocks to be lifted, it would be best to consider other methods. The traditional butt lift may be a bit invasive for some, which is why they consider other solutions. Also, the healing time for the traditional butt lift is longer than what many women would want.

Fortunately, one can opt for a Brazilian butt lift surgery instead. This procedure is safe because it uses the patient’s own fat in order to reshape the buttocks. A tighter looking butt is achieved by simply filling the buttocks with the fat. What’s more is that aside from the buttocks, this procedure will enhance the areas of the body where fat was removed. By taking fat from the abdomen or the back, the waist is made to look smaller and the buttocks bigger. This creates a very beautiful hourglass silhouette.


In order to make the buttocks look more appealing, it needs to be lifted. This is especially true if there is obvious sagging of the buttocks. This can be surgically done by removing the excess skin, plumping the butt with fat or making use of threads to lift the buttocks.

It may appear like a great idea, but most of the time it doesn’t work. Some may have successfully lifted butts, but this is only for a limited time span. The thread just isn’t strong enough to go against gravity.

As an alternative, patients are advised to go simply for a Brazilian butt lift, wherein fat is transferred from other areas of the body to the buttocks. In this method, the body doesn’t reject the fat because it comes from the same person. It is also a minimally invasive procedure to lift the butt.

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