Buttock Augmentation

18th Oct 2018

Undoubtedly, buttock augmentation with fat transfer promises significant rewards and greatly improves the shape, projection and aesthetic appeal of your buttocks. It is, in fact, one of the more popular go-to procedures in the industry. Before you get excited, do note an important caveat. You should have enough fat needed for fat transfer. How much fat do you need? First you need to visit a board certified plastic surgeon that performs this procedure routinely. A highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon will be able to assess every aspect of your body and determine fat donor areas and amount of fats available for harvesting. Historically, it is recommended that you should be about 15-to 20-pounds above your ideal body weight. Most of the fat comes from the more corpulent parts of the body like the abdomen, flanks, and sides, upper and lower back and the thighs. It does not come from the chin. It does not come from the arms. Just because you have a little bit of fat in these areas or you believe that you have enough fat, does not automatically mean that you have enough fat required for a buttock augmentation. You need to understand that to be a good candidate for this procedure, a certain amount of excess fat needs to be harvested from the different anatomical areas. If you do not have enough fat, then you need to gain more weight. If you do not want to gain weight, combining fat transfer with the buttock implant can be an option to consider. Truth to tell, if you do not have enough fat, my professional recommendation is to not proceed with a buttock augmentation even though you have some localized pockets of fat. This will only mean less than optimal results for you and in all probability, you are not going to be happy at the end of your journey.

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