Buttock augmentation after giving birth

Buttock augmentation after giving birth

30th Nov 2017

When it comes to plastic surgery, many women are curious as to when is the best time to undergo surgery. The same holds true for buttock augmentation. While there are certain plastic surgery procedures that your plastic surgeon would suggest that you undergo at a particular time in your life, there are others the timing for which you can choose at your own will.

Most plastic surgeons recommend to their patients to undergo plastic surgery only when they have no further plan of pregnancies. This is very important and understandable because pregnancy and childbirth can have negative consequences on the aesthetic improvements obtained via plastic surgery.

The good news is that when it comes to buttock augmentation, it is not always necessary to first get done with having your planned children. The buttocks are not much affected by pregnancy and childbirth; therefore, you can go for the surgery at any time of your life.

However, there are certain conditions that may keep you from undergoing buttock augmentation for quite some time. You cannot undergo butt augmentation during pregnancy, and you will be required to wait for a few months after giving birth before undergoing surgery.

Weight balance and termination of nursing

Women who have just given birth would be breastfeeding their children for some months. Furthermore, their weight must have increased during pregnancy. In order to qualify for buttock augmentation surgery after childbirth, you would be required to let your weight stabilize for a few months. You would also be required first to finish nursing your child because undergoing plastic surgery when you are breastfeeding can affect the child’s health.

Women are particularly image conscious, and they experience a lot of emotional ups and downs during their pregnancy. However, after childbirth, they become even more image conscious and want to get back in shape as soon as possible. The judgments start with family and friends, and then the media hype about celebrities who got back in shape immediately after childbirth further increase the pressure on the patients.

There are many women who give in to the outside pressure fairly quickly to restore their pre-pregnancy figure. They often forget the changes their bodies have undergone to get them ready for the delivery. It is important to understand that during your pregnancy, your body has experienced hormonal changes that have physically changed your body to help your baby grow and to help you deliver the baby.

It is therefore important for you to let your body heal and your weight stabilize for about three to six months after giving birth. Since mother milk is important for the baby, you should make sure to breastfeed your baby for at least four to six months. Weight stabilization is very important in any kind of plastic surgery. In fact, if your weight is not stable, even if you haven’t experienced pregnancy or childbirth, you will not qualify for any plastic surgery procedure.

The buttocks after childbirth

When you have finally delivered your baby, your body gradually returns to normal. The hormones that previously experienced changes will also normalize. Your muscles, tissues, and skin will gradually become firmer. The extent to which your body may be restored to your pre-pregnancy shape depends on your health, lifestyle, and exercise routine.

Many women fail to restore their pre-pregnancy shape completely with diet and exercise alone. This especially holds true when you have had multiple pregnancies. The skin in the buttocks may become loose and sagging. Some women may be left with very small or flat butts after childbirth. You should let your body restore as much as it can after pregnancy before considering the buttock augmentation surgery.

The time between childbirth and buttock augmentation

One of the common questions of women who have experienced childbirth is how long exactly should they wait before they could undergo butt augmentation. Well, this can differ from one patient to another, depending on a number of factors like overall health, breastfeeding, lifestyle, exercise program, and your self-image issue.

Your plastic surgeon would advise you to wait for a few months after giving birth before undergoing butt augmentation. This is important to avoid any potential corrective surgeries after the original surgery. Normally, patients are required to wait for at least three to six months after childbirth before undergoing plastic surgery. As stated earlier, during this period, your body heals from the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth; your weight stabilizes, and you finish nursing your child.

Undergoing butt augmentation immediately after childbirth could not only create health complications, but also, the aesthetic results achieved may change over time as your body’s natural restoration process works after childbirth and your weight stabilizes. Also, breastfeeding your child after the buttock augmentation can affect your child’s health because of the medications used during the surgery.

It is important to understand that everyone has a different body, so the healing pattern and healing period after childbirth will be different as well. There are also patients who really recover after giving birth, so they qualify for buttock augmentation fairly quickly. However, they too will be required to wait for at least three months before undergoing the surgery. During this period, their inflamed blood vessels will heal, their hormones will normalize, and their weight will become stable.

It is very important for patients to discuss their goals and aesthetic desires with the plastic surgeon when deciding to undergo butt augmentation after giving birth. This will help the surgeon come up with a personalized treatment plan for the patient.


Most women want to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape right after childbirth because pregnancy and childbirth leave their bodies in bad shape. However, it is very important to allow your body to heal and your weight to stabilize before going under the knife. You would also be required to stop breastfeeding before undergoing the butt augmentation.

In most cases, patients are required to wait for at least three to six months after giving birth before undergoing buttock augmentation surgery. After childbirth, your body is still under the influence of hormonal changes, and undergoing plastic surgery during this period can lead to health complications like deep venous thrombosis. Also, the achieved aesthetic results will change over time. You should allow your weight to stabilize and hormones to normalize before undergoing butt augmentation.

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