Buttock augmentation for men

Buttock augmentation for men

05th Jan 2018

While it may not be a surprise for many people to know that buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing plastic surgery in the US, what may surprise you is the fact that men are increasingly joining the race to get their rear ends augmented. As buttock augmentation becomes more acceptable in the US, a large number of men have been using the procedure to add projection to their butts over the past couple of years.

The reason why men are seeking buttock augmentation is multi-pronged. There are many men who have flatter or smaller butts that are negatively affecting their aesthetic appearance, masculinity, and self-esteem. Nowadays, men are also expected to exhibit buttocks that are prominent and well-shaped.

Prominent butts indicate the strength, masculinity, and muscularity of a man. Furthermore, men who appear to have fuller and prominent bodies, including buttocks, are considered more attractive by women. There is no doubt that men with fuller butts appear aesthetically more appealing, and they are also able to fit well in their clothes.

What do the stats say?

Statistics also corroborate that men are increasingly undergoing the knife to enhance their behinds. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, male buttock augmentation is witnessing a spike. The stats from ASPS state that between 2013 and 2014, buttock implants surgery among men increased at a record of 208 percent. In 2014 alone, 1,054 male butt implants surgery were performed in the US.

The trend in male butt augmentation has been gradually growing since the year 2000. Now the notion that butt augmentation is only for women no longer holds true. Males are going for butt augmentation to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. The good news is that majority of male patients are satisfied with the results of their butt augmentation procedures.

Candidacy for male buttock augmentation

Male buttock augmentation is for men who are not happy with the size or shape of their rear ends, and are unable to wear their favorite clothes as a result of having flatter or smaller butts. Rounder and voluminous buttocks fit better into clothes, offering a good aesthetic look. In order to qualify for the male butt augmentation surgery, your butt must be flatter, smaller, or poorly shaped and you should be willing to go under the knife to correct the condition.

Additionally, the patient is required to have overall good health without any serious health problems like heart or lung diseases, diabetes, etc. You should be a non-smoker or ready to stop smoking to undergo the procedure. In addition, you must have realistic goals for the surgery. The plastic surgeon will assess your candidacy during the initial consultation and give you a date for the surgery.

Buttock implants for men

Men who have underdeveloped, flat, small, or poorly shaped behinds can use butt implants to improve their aesthetic looks. There are many butt implants that can fit both male and female patients. Male patients can use butt implants to increase the size of their behinds, in addition to making their butts rounder and perky.

Butt implants are perfect for men who desire to add volume to their rear ends or make their butts shapely. Furthermore, male patients who find it hard to fit into their clothes due to flatter or underdeveloped buttocks can use implants to make their butts fuller so clothes can fit them properly.

The butt implant surgery for males involves the placement of artificial devices inside the buttocks through incisions. The implants are made of highly durable, semi-solid silicone material that is immune to ruptures. Your plastic surgeon will determine where exactly to place the implants inside your butt. The implants can either be placed underneath the gluteal muscle or above it, depending on your goals and your surgeon’s preferences and recommendations.

Fat transfer for men

Just like women, men can also qualify for the fat transfer procedure. Male patients who are not satisfied with the look or shape of their buttocks can use fat transfer to enhance their rear ends. The fat transfer procedure can effectively increase the size of your butt on a mild to moderate level.

Male fat transfer for butt augmentation involves the use of your own body fat to increase the size of your butt and make them shapely. During the surgery, your surgeon will first use liposuction to remove the extra, unwanted fat from different areas of your body and then inject the fat in your butt after purifying it. During the surgery, your plastic surgeon will use his/her skills, sense of aesthetics, and artistry to shape your buttocks so that they can appear masculine, fuller, and attractive.

Even though some of the results of the fat transfer surgery will emerge right after the surgery, complete aesthetic results will show only after the incisions have healed and the swelling has fully disappeared. Unlike butt implants, the results of the fat transfer surgery may not be permanent for all patients. Many patients may need to get touch-up fat injections after some years to maintain the appearance of their augmented butts.


Men who have smaller, flatter, or poorly shaped buttocks can boost their aesthetic appearance and self-esteem by using the buttock augmentation surgery to increase the size of their rear ends. Like women, men are increasingly going under the knife to enhance their derriere. Male buttock augmentation is now one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures in the US.

Male patients can opt to undergo either the butt implant procedure or the fat transfer procedure to improve the aesthetics of their butts. Both procedures are safe and popular for effective delivery results; however, you should share your aesthetic goals and desires with the plastic surgeon and listen to what your surgeon recommends you.

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