Buttock augmentation preparation and recovery period

Buttock augmentation preparation and recovery period

19th Apr 2018

Buttock augmentation procedures help improve the shape and size of the buttocks. It can be done through silicone implants or a fat transfer method such as the Brazilian butt lift.

Before you go into any of the buttock augmentation procedures, it is best to know how to prepare for it. Proper preparation can help with faster and better healing. There are several things that you should do as preparation and they include not going on a diet, preparing your house or room, buying supplies in advance, preparing loose clothing, getting doughnut pillows, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, and finding somebody to help you through your recovery.

The recovery period for buttock augmentation will range from 2 to 3 weeks. It is important to listen to your surgeon and strictly follow post surgical instructions to make sure you heal properly. The main concern is not to give any pressure on the buttocks for the first three weeks so that it can heal and strengthen.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures

To improve the shape and size of your buttocks, plastic surgery such as a Brazilian butt lift or a buttock implant surgery can be done. Both methods can result in a better-looking buttocks that you can be proud of.

The Brazilian butt lift is also known as the fat transfer method. With this, liposuction will used to remove in fatty areas of the body such as the tummy. The fat cells that are removed will be processed and reinjected back into your buttocks. In this way, you get a slimmer waist and a rounder butt.

The buttock implant surgery, on the other hand, involves a silicone implant that is surgically placed under the gluteus maximus muscle found in your buttocks. This is great for those who don’t have enough fats in their body for the transfer and also for those who want a more prominent augmentation of their buttocks.

Preparation For Buttock Augmentation

No matter what method you choose for your buttock augmentation, you should be well prepared for it. Your surgeon will give you instructions to prepare and you should follow them to make sure everything goes well. Among the things you must do are as follows:

– Do Not Go On A Diet: It is important that your body is strong and ready for the surgery, whatever it may be. Going on a diet weakens your body and leaves you more susceptible to complications during and after the buttock augmentation procedure. The cells of your body will undergo trauma due to the procedure and would heal better if you are not on a diet before the surgery.

– Prepare Your House Or Room: Before you go for surgery, it is important to prepare the house or the room you will be spending time on while you recover. It is best to have things readily available for you to use. You may want to fix your room so that you can easily go to wherever you need to go easily or reach the things you need without exerting too much.

– Buy Your Supplies: Food supplies, water and other liquid drinking products as well as other basic needs should be bought in advance because it can be challenging and very difficult to shop after your procedure. You can buy wipes to clean yourself when you still can’t shower. You may also need alcohol pads, gauze pads and medical tapes to help clean and redress any drain tubes you might have.

– Prepare Your Loose Clothes: You can prepare your closet and bring out your loose fitting clothes so that it would be easier for you to dress yourself after the surgery. You should also have slip-on shoes readily available so that you do not have to bend over to fix them.

– Get Doughnut Pillows: In case you are going to have a Brazilian butt lift, these pillows are great to sit on because it relieves the pressure on the buttocks while sitting down.

– Stop Smoking And Refrain from Alcohol: Smoking has been proven to have a negative effect on the body and you don’t need that when you are about to go to surgery. You need your body to be in its best shape so that you can also recover immediately. Avoiding both alcohol and smoking will help in the recovery and healing of the body.

– Arrange For Someone’s Help: It is best if you can find someone to help assist you while you recover. Physically, it can be hard to do all the things you need to do and you may need them for emotional support as you recover.

Recovery Period after Buttocks Augmentation

After the buttocks augmentation surgery, it is normal to feel a bit of pain and soreness in the buttocks area. Most surgeons will advise their patients not to sit down and to sleep on their stomach for two weeks to avoid pressure on the buttocks. The only exception is when you have to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, it is best to avoid sitting down to make sure that you properly heal.

After the initial two weeks, you can now sit down but it can still be uncomfortable to do so. A doughnut pillow or a doughnut pillow helps ease the pressure and make sitting more comfortable.

It is expected that you may find it difficult or uncomfortable to bend over a few weeks after the surgery that is why it is not advised. Simply make sure that you don’t have to bend or ask for help if you need something beyond normal reach.

For some surgeons, 2 weeks may not be enough and 3 weeks is their required amount of time to avoid sitting or putting pressure on the buttocks. By doing so, you give your buttocks ample time to heal and strengthen.


There are two ways on how you can improve the size and shape of your buttocks and that is through fat transfer or buttock implants. The fat transfer is best for those who have ample fat cells and the implants are best for those who don’t have enough fat cells as well as those who want to achieve a shapelier augmentation.

The preparation for any of the buttock augmentation procedure is very important because it helps make recovery more comfortable and the healing process faster. Preparations made should include not going on a diet, preparing the house or room, buying supplies in advance, making lose clothing easily accessible, having doughnut pillows, not smoking and not drinking alcohol, and having somebody to help through the first weeks of recovery.

Once the procedure is done, one should make sure to avoid any pressure on the buttocks for about three weeks. This helps ensure proper healing until capable of withstanding pressure once you sit down.

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