Buttock augmentation prices

Buttock augmentation prices

17th Jan 2018

Buttock augmentation is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries in the US. Women who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their butt and those who have saggy or poorly contoured butts are increasingly undergoing buttock augmentation to fix their aesthetic imperfections.

One of the common questions asked by prospective patients is the price. Many patients who undergo the buttock augmentation procedure deem it as an investment in their looks and enhanced self-esteem.

The cost of buttock augmentation depends on a number of factors and varies from one doctor to another and one facility to another. It also depends on your aesthetic goals, desires, and requirements, and on the type of buttock augmentation you desire to undergo. There are two plastic surgery procedures to augment the buttocks: buttock implants and fat transfer. The prices of these procedures are different.

Cost of buttock augmentation

The cost of buttock augmentation normally depends on the following factors:

Type of surgery: There are two types of procedures to enhance the butt: fat transfer and buttock implants. The fat transfer procedure involves the use of excess fat in your body, whereas butt implant surgery uses prosthetic devices. The cost for both of these procedures is different.

In the US, the average price of buttock augmentation via fat transfer is $4,077 and $4,580 for buttock implants, according to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Experience and skills of the surgeon: The average price of buttock implants and fat transfer may be somewhat different, depending on the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure. The most experienced, trained, and qualified surgeons will come with a more up-front cost; however, they will save you from possible future expenses arising from potential complications.

The location: The prices of buttock augmentation vary from one location to another. For example, the average price of butt augmentation with implants in Texas is $6,000, whereas the same costs an average of $6,950 in Georgia. This means that the state in which your surgery is slated to be performed is important in determining the overall cost of your surgery. Some people travel from one state to another to reduce their costs; however, you must also take your travel cost into account when considering traveling to another place to have the surgery.

Surgical facility: Some surgical facilities are more costly than others. If a surgical facility is popular and highly equipped, more people will go there for the procedure, which will increase the cost. However, you will get better treatment and care at such facilities.

Your health condition: While many surgeons will disqualify you for the buttock augmentation if you are suffering from serious diseases, some doctors may give you a green signal for the procedure if they think the problem is not serious. However, the surgery will be relatively difficult, longer and may require the use additional technologies, medications, and procedures, which can add a few hundred dollars to your bill.

Anesthesia and medications: The anesthesia and medications used during the surgery will also contribute to the determination of your overall buttock augmentation cost. It depends on what type of procedure you are undergoing, your medical requirements, and the surgeon’s preference. You may need more anesthesia or painkillers, which may add to the cost of the surgery.

Use of compression garments: There are many surgeons who recommend the use of compression garments after the surgery, because they help in recovery and averting potential complications. Many surgical facilities provide these garments, which can increase your cost.

Combo procedure: If you decide to combine another procedure with butt augmentation, the cost will increase. For example, some patients opt to go for liposuction with butt augmentation. This comes at additional cost.

Is buttock augmentation covered by health insurance?

Since buttock augmentation is a cosmetic, optional procedure, your insurance company will possibly not cover the costs. However, there is a likelihood that your insurance provider may be willing to pay for some or all of your procedure if you have excess skin in your butt that is creating health problems for you. For example, if the extra skin has caused skin infection, your health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of the surgery. Make sure to discuss your options with the plastic surgeon.

Are there other financing options?

If you don’t have the finances required to undergo buttock augmentation surgery, there are many companies that offer loans for elective surgery procedures, including buttock augmentation. Many patients are continuously benefiting from these loans. Depending on your surgery and needs, these companies can offer you flexible repayment options.

There are also many surgical facilities and plastic surgeons that have linkages with plastic surgery financiers. Some of the facilities themselves offer flexible financing to patients. If you have decided to undergo buttock augmentation but don’t have the required funds, you should discuss your case with your plastic surgeon who may help you with arranging the finances.

Most of the financing options offered by the facilities are very flexible. This option can help you undergo the surgery without worrying about the financial needs. You can repay the amount with some interest in accordance with a pre-determined, flexible schedule.


The price of buttock augmentation depends on a number of factors that have been explained above. In the US, the average cost of buttock implants $4,580, whereas that of fat transfer is $4,077. The cost of butt augmentation is very high in some states. The cost can also change, depending on who your plastic surgeon is, the surgical facility, the state, the type of buttock augmentation, the anesthesia and medications, and your health condition.

It is important for patients to do their homework about the price of buttock augmentation before going under the knife. There are many companies and financiers that provide loans for plastic surgery procedures. There are also many surgical facilities that offer flexible financing options to patients. Make sure to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation.

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