Buttock augmentation procedures for men

Buttock augmentation procedures for men

08th Feb 2018

Having a set of bigger and prominent buttocks is not an aesthetic goal just for females, men have also realized that the size of the butts is important in their overall appearance. For this reason, many of them have chosen to go under the knife to have their bottoms augmented. The reasons for men opting for this procedure are different from women. Ladies are usually doing it because they aspire to have large and shapely butts to reinforce their fertility, femininity, and physical beauty. Men, on the other hand, simply want to enhance their overall profile.

Men and women alike, often feel embarrassed in social settings if they have flatter or smaller butts, because they realize that they lack a key factor. However, men do not aim to achieve very large butts, but simply want to subtly show that they have good butts, unlike women. Men feel that prominent butts also reinforce their physical attractiveness.

Oftentimes, men seek butt augmentation procedures because they’re unable to fit into their clothes and they are aware that females prefer men with prominent butts.

Like women, men also have two major options for butt lift: buttock augmentation by using an artificial device called implant, and fat grafting procedure involving the use of the patient’s own body fat will add projection and enhance your derriere.

Options for male buttock augmentation

1. Fat grafting for male buttock augmentation

If you aim to augment your butts in the most natural way possible, the fat grafting procedure is the right one for you. Also known as fat transfer, fat grafting for male buttock augmentation involves the removal of the excess fat from different areas of your body, like abdomen, upper back, thighs, and calves, then inject the extracted fat into your butts. By the fat transfer method, the butts become larger and fuller.

Removal of fat from the localized areas of your body is done through the liposuction procedure. The liposuction surgery is effected by inserting a tiny cannula, a thin hollow tube attached to external suction pump, to the fatty area between the skin and muscle in the small incisions at the fat donor sites. Then Tumescent solution, made up of saline, mild painkiller and epinephrine, a drug that contracts blood vessels, is introduced into the donor site, while the cannula is moved back and forth (called liposuction strokes) to set loose the fat cells. The fat cells are then removed by the action of the suction pump.

The fat cells is processed to separate the desirable fat cells from the damaged ones. The processed fat is injected to the butts using a set of special needles, so there is no need for any incision. After the fat transfer is complete, the buttocks will become prominent and fuller. Your plastic surgeon will accentuate your masculine features during the fat grafting and transfer procedure.

To qualify for the male butt augmentation using fat grafting, one must have excess fat in your body areas that can be transferred to your butts. Also, you must be in a good health condition to qualify for the surgery. After the surgery, you will feel confident, fit well in your clothes, and a bonus, attract a better partner in life since your rump is fuller and rounder.

The result achieved through fat grafting is sustainable so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle because a drastic decrease in your weight will negatively affect the size of your buttocks. Some patients need some touch-up fat injections after some time to sustain the desired shape achieved through fat transfer.

2. Buttock implants for male buttock augmentation

The use of buttock implants is also another way to enhance the buttocks in male patients. Like the fat grafting procedure, butt implants can add projection to your rear ends, making it fuller and aesthetically appealing. This procedure does not use body fat, instead, it is the insertion of a foreign body called butt implants into your buttocks to achieve your aesthetic goals.

A buttock implant is a highly durable, semi-solid, and flexible prosthetic device that is completely safe for use in buttock augmentation. This type of implant is made of silicone, completely immune to ruptures, and comes in sizes and shapes. Your plastic surgeon will need to examine your butts to understand your aesthetic goals before he recommends the ideal implant size and shape.

The male buttock implant surgery is performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia. The procedure starts with the placement of incisions on the buttocks and creation of pockets for the implants. Next, the butt implants are inserted into the pockets in the butt and positioned properly to attain the desired form. Then the incisions are closed and sutured.

Some of the results of the male butt implants procedure will be immediately seen after the procedure, however, complete outcome will be visible only after the post-surgery swelling has disappeared and when your butts have fully healed and recovered from the surgical trauma.

For one to qualify for the male butt implant surgery, the patient must be in a good physical and mental health, i.e., the aesthetic goals and expectations should be reasonable and achievable. The plastic surgeon will assess the client’s health and medication history and evaluate the patient’s buttocks anatomy to determine if one is qualified for the butt implants procedure.


There has been a sharp rise in the demand for male buttock augmentation in the US over the last couple of years. Men have also realized the importance of what shapely buttocks can do in their life So many with flatter or smaller butts are going for the procedure to add projection to their derriere.

Men like women, have two options to make their butts fuller namely, through use of implants or fat grafts. Both procedures boast a record of delivering better aesthetic results, however, patients should choose only board-certified plastic surgeons, trained in male buttock augmentation, to undertake their operations.

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