Buttock Augmentation Recovery Guide

Buttock Augmentation Recovery Guide

04th Sep 2018

Buttock augmentation is a major operation, which means that you will be required to take enough rest during the recovery period and follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. You may be allowed to go home a few hours following the surgery. However, before going home, your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions for a smooth and safe recovery.

In order to heal quickly and effectively, you must be very careful during the recovery period, which could last for a few weeks. Be sure to take medications like antibiotics and pain relievers on time and according to your surgeon’s instructions.

Your doctor will recommend that you wear compression garments for a few weeks. These garments are meant to contain the swelling, aid in healing, ensure better results, and keep you safe from potential complications like infections and seroma. Make sure to wear these garments for the recommended period.

Recovery after butt augmentation requires sufficient rest. You may take short and slow walks for three to five hours every day to prevent potential blood clotting; however, be sure to take a lot of rest. In addition, you will not be permitted to sit or sleep on your back for the first week because doing so will damage the achieved aesthetic results and trigger complications. Even when you finally start sitting after a week or two, make sure to avoid prolonged sitting.

Majority of butt augmentation patients are able to resume work two weeks following the procedure; however, if your work involves high-endurance activities, you should take a few days off from work. When sitting, place a pillow under your hips and a rolled towel under your thighs so that the pressure is diverted from your butts to your thighs.

For the first five weeks following butt augmentation, driving is strictly discouraged. It is particularly important to avoid driving if you are taking medications.  On the sixth week, you may start to drive short distances; however, make sure to keep a rolled towel under your knees.

When it comes to physical activities, you should avoid the following during the first five weeks after the surgery:

  • bending
  • stretching
  • jumping
  • running
  • walking long distances
  • weightlifting
  • exercising
  • playing sports

From the sixth week onward, you can gradually start doing these activities.

Using the restroom is often a difficult task for the first week after butt augmentation. You may open up your compression garments to use the restroom and then wear them again. It is also possible that you may suffer from constipation due to inactivity during the recovery period. If you do, ask your doctor for stool softener.

When it comes to sexual intercourse, you should avoid it for the first six weeks following the butt augmentation procedure. The reason is during sexual activity, your butts may receive undue force or pressure, which can create complications or result in wound splitting.  After the sixth week, you may resume enjoying sex.

Remember, in order to have a safe, quick, and problem-free recovery, you should follow the tips given in this post and ask your plastic surgeon for specific instructions and recommendations.

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