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18th Oct 2018

A common concern patients have, when considering butt implants surgery, is scarring after the procedure. Scarring is unavoidable in buttock implants procedure since any surgical procedure involves incisions. If you are particularly sensitive to scarring, be sure to discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation.

On my part, I always explain to my patients that butt implants surgery is not possible without scarring. I also encourage them to openly talk about their apprehensions about scarring and what it means to them. If a patient has zero tolerance for scarring, I advise them to avoid the surgery.

It is not possible to insert the implants into the buttocks without the tiny incisions on your gluteal creases or in between butt cheeks. These incisions will surely leave scars as the wounds heal a few weeks following the procedure. In fact, the surgery starts with the placement of 4-5 inches of incisions around the buttocks. The implants are then inserted and placed within the gluteal muscle through those incisions.

Normally, the plastic surgeon will strategically place the incisions in areas that are hidden between the buttocks. They will not be directly visible. Additional incisions will be used if you want extra contouring.
During the recovery period, the incisions will heal and develop into scars. During this period, you should be careful, especially when it comes to sitting and doing physical activities. Make sure to strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions. Carelessness or heedless disregard of post-op protocols during the recovery period may result in the development of unsightly and abnormal scars. Do not expose the scars to direct sunlight or heat for at least 4-6 months after the surgery because it can negatively affect the scars.
The scars resulting from the butt implants surgery will gradually fade over time. If the incisions follow the normal course of healing, and if no complications occur, normal scars will develop that will remain with you forever, but barely noticeable. Initially, the scars will be red. After about 4-6 months, they will gradually turn to white. If you have fair skin, the scars will blend into your skin and to a large degree, scarcely visible. Please note though that among dark-skinned patients, the scars can be more discernible.

After the surgery, your surgeon will place drain tubes inside the skin at the surgery site to drain away any fluids or blood discharged from your body. The drain tube will also leave behind a tiny exit scar that will appear like a tiny circle. Not to worry because the scar will be too small to be noticed.

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