Buttock augmentation seromas

18th Oct 2018

Seromas are a fluid collection that can occur in any cosmetic surgery, including tummy tuck. They mostly occur around the implant itself. During surgery, whenever a pocket is created or tissue is dissected, the body reacts by filling the cavity with fluid. This fluid collection is called a seroma. This occurs in buttock implant procedures as well, as a pocket is created in order to place the implant. Seromas can occur after the surgery.
There are currently two types of buttock implant: a smooth implant and a texture implant. The risk of having seroma is more likely with a texture implant than a smooth implant. The risk of developing a seroma within 2 to 3 years from a texture implant is up to 20%. The likelihood is much lesser with a smooth implant. If a seroma occurs and is of a significant size then it can be drained. Drainage of the seroma will help alleviate the symptoms such as pain and discomfort, though there is a chance they may recur. This will be discussed in another video.

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