Buttock augmentation: should i get bbl or implants?

Buttock augmentation: should i get bbl or implants?

28th Sep 2019



The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and implants are the most popular plastic surgery procedures used to augment the buttocks. Smaller buttocks make women look less feminine, which is the main reason many women get buttock augmentation surgery. The buttocks can be augmented either with the BBL, which is also called fat transfer to the buttocks, or with butt implants that are foreign objects.

The BBL involves the use of your body fat to enhance your backside, whereas butt implant surgery involves the placing of implants into your buttocks. Both of these procedures have a history of delivering impressive improvements to the booty. However, not all women can qualify for the BBL or butt implant surgery. Many women wonder as to which of these procedures they should get to augment their buttocks. 


BBL or implants?

The Brazilian butt lift is a major plastic surgery procedure that is used to enhance the buttocks and boost your self-esteem. Likewise, the butt implant surgery also enjoys the same popularity. The buttocks play an essential role not only in improving your femininity but also in defining your physical appearance. If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped and the condition is creating self-esteem issues for you, you may consider getting buttock augmentation surgery.

If you want to augment your buttocks, you must consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will examine your booty, know your goals, and assess your health to determine as to whether you should get the BBL or implants.


–    Who is the Brazilian butt lift best for?

The BBL is suitable for women with buttocks that lack projection and shape. It does not increase the butt size considerably but adds projection and shape to the buttocks. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will check your buttocks for factors like lack of projection, volume, and size. He will then ask as to how the aesthetic shortcomings or flaws in your buttocks are affecting your life. If the condition is making you feel sensitive and have lower self-confidence, you must bring it to the knowledge of the plastic surgeon. 

The ideas about the size and shape of the buttocks have remained almost stable over time, meaning that projected, shapelier, and fuller buttocks have remained desirable among women. Modern trends set by celebrities have taken the importance of the shape and the size of the buttocks mainstream. Today, women with projected, fuller and shapelier buttocks are considered physically more beautiful and feminine. The projection and shape of the buttocks also subtly communicates your fertility and sexuality. For example, men prefer to have sexual intercourse and relationship with women having projected, shapelier, and fuller backsides because these features indicate that the woman is capable of producing better offspring. 

The plastic surgeon will also ask you details about your goals and expectations from the buttock augmentation surgery. If you expect your buttocks to gain mild projection and look shapelier, then the BBL can be an effective procedure for you. However, you must also have enough excess fat stored in different areas of your body to qualify for the BBL because the surgery involves the transfer of the excess fat from different parts of your body to your buttocks. The doctor will check the volume of excess fat available in your body during the pre-operative consultation. If the fat turns out to be enough for the surgery, you may be a good candidate for the operation. 

The BBL is not as invasive and risky as butt implant surgery, yet the plastic surgeon will make sure that you are not suffering from severe health issues that can trigger complications during and after the procedure. He will take a look at your medical history and ask you questions about your overall health. Be sure to share your complete health information with the doctor so that any risks can be reduced or prevented. 

The BBL is also best for you if you want your buttocks to look completely natural after butt augmentation surgery.  One of the leading reasons why many women get this procedure is that it delivers wholly natural outcomes, thanks to the use of your body fat instead of foreign objects. After the surgery, your buttocks will not appear unnatural because the fat injected into your body behaves in the same way as other tissues in your body. 


–    Who is the butt implant surgery best for?

Buttock implant surgery is primarily recommended for women with smaller buttocks desiring to get considerably bigger or large buttocks. Unlike fat transfer surgery that only adds mild projection and fullness to the buttocks, buttock implant surgery makes the buttocks considerably fuller, projected, and more significant. This procedure is best for you if your buttocks are smaller, you are experiencing self-esteem issues due to the condition, and you want to achieve large buttocks. This procedure is also best for women who lack enough excess fat in their body to qualify for the BBL.

As the name suggests, butt implant surgery involves the use of foreign objects called implants to deliver you the desired outcomes. The buttock implants are made of medical grade, semi-solid silicone material that is extremely strong, resilient, and durable. What this means is that once you get the implants, the achieved improvements will remain with you for a lifetime. In light of this, butt implant surgery is also best for you if you want to get permanently bigger buttocks. Keep in mind that the results achieved with the BBL may not be permanent as factors like weight fluctuations after the surgery can affect the results.

However, unlike the BBL, the results achieved with buttock implant surgery are not entirely natural. Since the procedure uses external objects, you should not expect your buttocks to appear entirely natural after the procedure. However, when the plastic surgeon and the implant size are selected carefully and the implants are placed within or under the gluteal muscle, the results will look more natural. 

As compared to the BBL, buttock implant surgery is more invasive and risky. The operation involves the making of major incisions and inserting and placing foreign objects into your buttocks. As a result, the risks are higher here. If you don’t want to take more risks, then you should avoid this procedure and go for the BBL instead. The risks associated with the butt implant surgery include capsular contracture, implant infection, implant rotation, wound splitting, excessive bleeding, seroma, hematoma, and change or loss of skin sensation.


How is the BBL performed?

The BBL is performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. After the anesthesia is administered, the plastic surgeon will start the procedure by performing liposuction on the fat donor sites. This involves creating tiny incisions on the fat donor areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back. The surgeon will then insert a small cannula inside the incisions and then remove the excess fat. The incision is then sutured and closed. The same process is repeated on all fat donor sites.

In the second step, the plastic surgeon will purify the fat by processing it in a centrifuge. Once the fat is cleaned, the surgeon will carefully inject the fat cells into the buttocks with a special needle. The results of the surgery will gradually emerge over the following weeks and months. Once the results transpire, your buttocks will look projected and shapelier. 


How is the butt implant surgery performed?

Butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia because it is more invasive and traumatic. The plastic surgeon will begin the operation by making incisions on the buttocks. The size of the incisions depends on the size of the implants. After making the incisions, the surgeon will carefully insert the implants inside the buttocks and then place them under, within, or over the butt muscles. In most cases, the implants are placed under or within the butt muscles because they get better tissue coverage in these places.

After placing the implants in the predetermined place, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The results will not be immediately visible. As your buttocks heal after the procedure, the swelling subsides, and as the implants drop and settle in place, your buttocks will appear bigger and fuller. It can take many weeks and months for the results to emerge fully.



Many women who want to get buttock augmentation surgery often become confused when it comes to choosing between the BBL and butt implant surgery. They don’t know what each procedure delivers them and what are their pros and cons. In this article, I have explained as to how you can decide between these procedures and what types of aesthetic improvements you can expect to achieve. Generally, the BBL is best for women who want to add mild projection but more shape to their backside, whereas implants are best for women who want to get considerably bigger buttocks. 


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