Buttock augmentation surgery limitations

04th Oct 2018

The buttock augmentation surgery is known for delivering effective and sustainable results. However, there are certain limitations associated with the procedure. First of all, the procedure cannot treat severely saggy buttocks. If your buttocks are mildly saggy, the surgery can make it firmer and youthful; however, to treat severely saggy buttocks, you should consider the butt lift surgery instead. If buttock implants are used to treat severely saggy buttocks, your butt will become saggier due to the extra weight of the implants.
The second limitation of the butt augmentation surgery is that it cannot treat some types of buttock asymmetry. For instance, butt implants can help fix size-related butt asymmetry; however, it cannot correct differently shaped buttocks. On the other hand, fat transfer to the butt can treat shape-related asymmetry but rarely size-related asymmetry.
The cost of buttock augmentation is yet another limitation. Given the fact that the surgery is elective and used for cosmetic purposes, the price of butt augmentation is high. As a result, many patients can’t afford to undergo buttock augmentation. However, many plastic surgeons and surgical facilities are now offering flexible financing options for patients.
Many patients presume that butt augmentation surgery will transform or change them into another person or a celebrity. This is not true. Every person has a unique body, and the surgery simply enhances your body. It does not make you look like another person or your favorite celebrity. It will simply add projection to your backside, which will also help enhance your overall body outline and figure.
Another limitation of buttock augmentation for some patients is that certain problems and complications can affect the outcome of the surgery. For example, implant displacement, infection, and capsular contracture may compel some patients to have the implants removed after the surgery.
Another limitation of the butt augmentation surgery is that is not scar-less. The procedure involves incisions that ultimately develop into scars. Scarring after the surgery is unavoidable. Moreover, the surgery involves many risks, which scares away many patients. The risks depend on your existing health status, how much care you have during recovery, and similar other factors. Buttock augmentation is major surgery, and the recovery involves downtime that can extend over many weeks. This is also a limitation of the surgery.

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