Buttock augmentation with illegal injection causing death

18th Oct 2018

There are many unlicensed practitioners that are performing non-FDA approved and illegal buttock augmentation procedures. The common non-FDA approved butt augmentation practices include:

1. Hydrogel butt injection: The hydrogel butt injection is a non-FDA approved practice that involves the use of a solution of polyacrylamide and water to augment the buttocks. It is called hydrogel injection because of the use of hydrogel of polyacrylamide.
This practice is extremely risky and has already resulted in the death and permanent disability of many patients. The risks include kidney failure, nerve damage, blood clotting, respiratory complications, allergic reactions, infection, and death.

2. Collagen injection: Also called PMMA butt injection, collagen injection is another non-FDA approved practice undertaken illegally by many unlicensed practitioners. The procedure involves the use of a filler called poly-methyl-methacrylate, which comes in the form of small microspheres in collagen gel. This injection causes extreme inflammation in the body. The risks include infection, anesthesia reaction, allergic reaction, the formation of lumps on the buttocks, and unsightly scarring.

3. Silicone butt injection: This procedure involves the use of liquid silicone to augment the buttocks. The FDA does not approve it, which is why board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons don’t perform this procedure. The results are often terrifying, both in terms of aesthetic and health.
The buttocks often become deformed after the surgery and the patient experiences life-threatening complications and even death. Several cases of deaths, hospitalizations, and permanent disabilities have already resulted from the use of the illegal silicone butt injections.
The silicone used in this procedure is an industrial grade silicone, meaning anyone could pick it up at the hardware store and perform the procedure. The silicone injection is not sterile either, which means it can cause serious infections.

Other illegal butt augmentation practices include the use of materials like tire sealant, mineral oil, baby oil, cement, and glue. Unlicensed practitioners often perform these procedures on the black market. Law enforcers have already arrested several gangs associated with this practice.
Patients considering buttock augmentation must be aware of these practices. The only proven and FDA-approved buttock augmentation procedures are butt implant surgery and fat transfer to the buttocks, more popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift. Also, be sure to do your research and consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering butt augmentation.

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