Buttock augmentation with implant and fat

18th Oct 2018

One of the common questions asked by patients considering buttock implant surgery is whether they can get fat placement over butt implants. The answer is that yes, it is absolutely possible to get fat transfer in association with or after butt implant surgery.
Depending on your aesthetic requirement, goals, and flaws in your buttocks, you may qualify for fat placement over buttock implants. There are some patients who undergo butt implant surgery with their aesthetic preferences changing over time. They may want to have bigger or more enhanced buttocks. Fat placement over the butt implants can make their buttocks bigger and more attractive.

Some patients should undergo a combo of fat transfer and butt implant surgery at once. I personally recommend patients who desire to have large and shapelier buttocks to undergo butt implant surgery and fat transfer to the buttocks at once.

Fat placement over butt implants comes with a host of benefits. First off, you will achieve the hourglass body. The fat from your abdomen and sides will be removed via liposuction, which will make your waist slimmer. The removed fat will then be transferred to the buttocks and hips, which will make them fuller and wider. As a result, your body will appear curvaceous and sensuous.
Patients should remember that butt implants are famous for allowing you to achieve bigger buttocks whereas the fat transfer is popular for delivering shapely buttocks. If you desire to achieve both bigger and shapelier buttocks, you should go for the combination of the two procedures.
Fat placement over butt implants can introduce dramatic improvements to your buttocks and overall body in terms of aesthetics. Fortunately, when the fat is placed over the implants, it softens the feel of the buttocks by acting as an extra layer of insulation and providing an additional layer of tissue coverage to the implants.
The idea of placing fat over the gluteal implants is not new. In fact, plastic surgeons have been practicing it for years. There is no harm in placing fat over the implants. Doing so comes with many benefits.
Patients desirous of achieving the hourglass shape or bigger and shapelier buttocks must communicate their interest in the combination of butt implants and fat transfer during the consultation. If you already have butt implants, you can still qualify for fat placement over the implants if there is excess fat in your body.

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