Buttock augmentation with or without fat transfer to the hips

Buttock augmentation with or without fat transfer to the hips

21st Feb 2019

The buttock augmentation procedure can be performed with either gluteal implants or the patient’s own fat cells. At the same time, the procedure can be a stand-alone or performed in combination with other plastic surgery procedures. Nowadays, it is more and more common for patients to request combined plastic surgery procedures. Moreover, even plastic surgeons recognize the multiple benefits offered by enhancing more features of the body at the same time.

When it comes to buttock augmentation with implants, the procedure can also be combined with fat transfer to the hips to improve the appearance of the area furthermore. While some patients ask and understand the importance of wide and curvaceous hips, others complain that their hips are already too wide. In a vast majority of cases, the issue is actually something else, such as an incorrect distribution of fat that is making the waist look undefined and not very appealing.

A procedure that is popular nowadays among women who want to achieve the hourglass silhouette is fat transfer to the hips. When performed, the plastic surgeon will start by performing liposuction on areas with an excess of fat. This fat is removed and processed, and the healthiest and purest fat cells are then reinjected into the hips to add more volume in the area and create beautiful curves.

When buttock augmentation is performed with fat transfer to the hips, the plastic surgeon will perform butt implant surgery first and continue with liposuction and fat transfer to the hips. After the procedure, the patient will notice that the midline (abdomen, waist, and flanks) is better contoured and thinner, the buttocks have more volume and projection because of the implants, and the hips are more alluring. The overall shape of the body is that of an hourglass or close to an hourglass.

The hourglass body shape is characterized by a considerable ratio between the waist and the hips. This means that to have a beautiful hourglass silhouette, the waist needs to be much smaller than the dimensions of the hips. When butt implant surgery is performed with fat transfer to the hips, the results are much improved and the shape of the patient’s body can be considerably different.

When buttock augmentation is performed without fat transfer to the hips, the results of the procedure only affect the back side of the body. This means that from the front it will be difficult to notice that plastic surgery was performed. Keep in mind that butt implants can only be inserted in the upper part of the buttocks, inside, or under the gluteal muscles. This means that it is just that part of the buttocks that will be affected by the procedure and not the sides or the lower part of the butt.

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