Buttock enhancement combined procedures

Buttock enhancement combined procedures

10th May 2019



Buttock enhancement surgery is used to enhance the buttocks by making them bigger, shapelier, firmer, and aesthetically welcoming. The procedure is invasive, and in most cases, involves placing artificial implants inside the derriere. The procedure can also be performed with other plastic surgery procedures. However, the combo of butt enhancement and other procedures can be more traumatic, and the recovery can be more overwhelming.

If there are other aesthetic problems in your body in addition to smaller, saggy, or poorly shaped buttocks, you may consider combined butt enhancement procedures. The combined procedures can be different butt enhancement procedures like butt implant surgery or butt lift, or it can be a combo of butt enhancement and improvement of other areas of the body.  


Implants and fat transfer to the buttocks

Implants and fat transfer are two types of buttock augmentation procedures. Most patients qualify for one of these procedures; however, some also need the use of both. Whether you will need the combined procedure depends on the aesthetic problems that exist in your buttocks and your aesthetic goals.

If your buttocks are smaller and poorly shaped and you want to achieve prominent and shapelier buttocks, the plastic surgeon may recommend you the combined procedure of implants and fat transfer. Implants are artificial objects that are inserted and placed inside the buttocks with the goal to increase their size. On the other hand, fat transfer involves injecting your body fat into your buttocks, with the goal to make them shapelier and aesthetically welcoming.

During the combined procedure, the plastic surgeon will first make incisions on the buttocks, insert the implants, and then suture and close the incisions. In the next step, the surgeon will remove the excess fat from different areas of your body and then inject it in specific areas of the buttocks that are critical in defining your butt shape. As a result, your buttocks will not only become bigger but also shapelier. The results will look natural.


Butt implants and butt lift

The butt lift is used to treat severely saggy buttocks. If your buttocks have become loose and hanging, you may consider getting a butt lift. Many patients also desire to get bigger buttocks that are also firmer and sensuous. Such patients may consider getting a combo of butt implants and butt lift. Butt implant surgery will make the buttocks bigger, whereas the butt lift will make it firmer.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is more invasive and traumatic. The surgeon will first make incisions on the buttocks and then rearrange and tighten the underlying muscles in the buttocks. In the next step, the surgeon will insert and place the implants within, over, or under the gluteal muscles. The implants come in different sizes, and it is important to avoid very large implants if your buttocks are severely saggy because there is a risk the use of huge implants can make your buttocks saggy again.

Once the implants are put inside the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will remove any excess skin that is available after the use of butt implants. The doctor will then re-drape the remaining skin and suture and close the incisions. As a result of this combined procedure, your buttocks will not only become bigger but also firmer and perkier. You will look youthful and sexy when the results evolve.


Butt enhancement and breast enhancement

Factors like aging, pregnancy, gravity, and genetics can affect different areas of your body. The buttocks and breasts are among the commonly affected areas. Also, these are the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body as they define your overall beauty, femininity, fertility, and body outline. When cosmetic problems settle in both of these body areas, it can cause self-esteem issues for the patient. As such, it is normal for the patient to seek a combined plastic surgery procedure.

A combined butt enhancement and breast enhancement is the most sought-after procedure. If your buttocks and breasts are smaller, you may consider getting butt and breast augmentation at the same time. On the other hand, if your buttocks and breasts are saggy, you may consider getting a combo of butt lift and breast lift. While these procedures can be performed in combination, most surgeons don’t recommend the combo procedure. The reason for this is that most patients can’t endure the increased discomforts and the recovery period becomes overwhelming.

After breast enhancement surgery, the patient is required to avoid sleeping on her front and instead sleep on her back or side for the first two weeks. After butt enhancement surgery, the patient is required to avoid sleeping or her back and sitting and instead sleep on her front or side. Now, when butt and breast enhancement is performed as a combined surgery, the patient is left with only one option to sleep during the recovery period, and that is to sleep on her side. To most patients, this is overwhelming, and they can’t bear the discomforts.

However, there are also many patients who have successfully undergone both procedures at the same time and have completed their recovery period. If you are confident that you can endure the aftermath of both procedures, you may consider getting the combined surgery of breast and butt enhancement. There are also many benefits of the combined operation. For instance, you go through a single operation and the recovery period, the cost is lower than when the procedures are performed separately, and your breasts and buttocks are enhanced in a single sitting.


Butt enhancement and liposuction

The combined surgery of buttock enhancement and liposuction is a frequent procedure. Butt enhancement is more traumatic and invasive than liposuction. Most patients can get both procedures at once without much problem during the recovery period. So, whether you need a combo of liposuction and butt enhancement depends on the aesthetic flaws in your body and your aesthetic goals.

If your buttocks are smaller or flatter and stubborn fat pockets have developed in the localized areas of your body like the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, and upper back, you may consider getting buttock augmentation and liposuction at the same time. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will first remove the excess fat from the target areas through liposuction. As a result, those body areas will be contoured and you will appear youthful.

Now, after performing liposuction, the plastic surgeon can either transfer the fat removed from those areas to your buttocks or place implants inside your buttocks. Which of these options is suitable for you depends on your aesthetic goals and the cosmetic flaws that exist in your buttocks. If you are looking for a shapelier butt, then the first option can be suitable for you. However, if you want to have bigger buttocks, then the doctor will place implants.

After the combined surgery of butt augmentation and liposuction, your overall body will appear contoured and suitably shaped. The recovery period will not be much overwhelming because liposuction involves tiny incisions. However, you still need to be careful during the recovery period.


Butt enhancement and tummy tuck

If your buttocks and tummy have developed aesthetic flaws, you may consider getting a tummy tuck and butt enhancement at the same time. However, most plastic surgeons don’t recommend this combined surgery because the recovery period can be uncomfortable for the patient. When you get this combined procedure, it means both your buttocks and tummy will be traumatized, and you will be required to avoid sleeping on your back and front for two weeks after the surgery. You can also sleep on your side during the recovery period, which can be quite uncomfortable and overwhelming.

Both the tummy tuck and butt enhancement are highly invasive and traumatic surgeries. The tummy tuck involves significant incisions on the abdomen, besides tightening the abdominal wall muscles, removal of the excess fat and skin, and repositioning the navel. Given the trauma involved, you should avoid the combined procedure and consider it only when you are fully confident to complete the recovery period.



Many patients wonder whether they can get buttock enhancement combined procedures. In this article, I have explained what procedures you may consider and why. There is no doubt that butt enhancement combined procedures come with many benefits; however, the recovery period can be more uncomfortable. After major and invasive procedures, the patient is required to take enough rest and avoid applying pressure to the operated area. It will be necessary to avoid sleeping on the operated areas of the body. In most cases, you will be left with only one option when it comes to sleeping for two weeks, and that is to sleep on your side. Most patients are not ready for it.


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