Buttock enlargement without surgery

Buttock enlargement without surgery

07th Apr 2019


If you are looking for buttock enlargement without surgery and perform a search online, you might be led to believe that there are plenty of things you can do to get the butt of your dreams without undergoing surgery. Mostly you will find physical exercises to increase the size of your buttocks. Then you might come across some diets, pills, and creams for butt augmentation without surgery. To see if we can achieve buttock enlargement without surgery, let’s see the structure of the buttocks and how each method works on them.


First, we have the muscles of the buttocks that make the butt firm and toned. Moreover, it is the muscles that give the buttocks the projection. The muscles are covered in a layer of adipose tissue. After the fat tissue, we have the skin. If you have small buttocks with muscles that are untoned, you can try physical exercises as they can improve the tonus of your body as a whole. But if you want to see any changes on the buttocks, you will need to work intensely, and not many people can do this due to various reasons such as lack of time, a physical condition or joint issue, or laziness that prevents you from doing this. Moreover, you should know that while intense physical exercises will make your butt more toned, they could also burn down the adipose layer on the buttocks. If you want to have the butt of a professional athlete, just imagine how much work, dedication, and time is involved in this. Exercising twice or three times a week at the gym or at home might not provide you with the results you desire, or at least not very soon. Keep in mind that all tonus achieved with the help of physical exercises will disappear within weeks if you stop the physical activity.


The other methods people consider for buttock enlargement without surgery such as diets, pills or creams are hardly worth discussing. To gain weight and for it to go straight and only to the buttocks is not possible, and pills and creams can’t increase the size of muscles and the fat tissue in the butt.


The only safe and efficient method to get a butt enlargement is with the help of plastic surgery. A popular procedure is butt implant surgery that entails the use of implants to be inserted into the muscles of the buttocks. Another procedure that can be performed for the same purpose is fat transfer. This procedure requires the use of the patient’s own fat cells that are collected from different areas of the body where it is in excess, processed, purified, and reinjected into the buttocks. Fat transfer is less invasive when compared to butt implant surgery, and quite a number of people prefer it.



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