Buttock Implant Augmentation-Buttock Implant Mal Position-Dr.Cortes-YouTube

18th Oct 2018

Surely you have heard stories where buttock implants shift after surgery. Buttock implant malposition is a rare but possible complication of this procedure. If you look at the design of buttock implants in United States, you will notice that these implants are flat on the back and curves on the front to provide projection to the buttock. The best area to put the buttock implant is intramuscular as it avoids complications like malposition. Nevertheless, even when placed in an intramuscular location, malposition may still occur. In my experience this is a very rare complication, and every time a patient has this issue is because they are doing certain exercises or received a a major trauma or impact to the buttock. If buttock malposition occurs, the treatment would be to reposition the implant, sometimes essentially inserting the implant into a deeper location. You need to discuss implant malposition with a surgeon as this may be a possible complication due to the nature and stiffness of the implant. In United States, buttock implants are asymmetric and any change in position would be noticeable and very apparent.

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