Buttock implant recovery

Buttock implant recovery

22nd Sep 2016

During your buttock augmentation recovery period, you must take enough rest to heal properly and quickly. Most patients take around two weeks off work.

Most patients are told to remain continuously in bed for the first 24 hours after the procedure.You can take limited walks from the second day; however, you should not sit down or sleep on your back for at least two weeks. When your plastic surgeon finally allows you to sit down, you must sit on a soft cushion for at two months.

Even though many patients recover enough within a week to resume work, it is recommended that you allow your buttocks at least nine days to heal before returning to work. If you have a desk job and are required to sit down for a longer period, or if your job involves strenuous activities, you may feel uncomfortable. Putting pressure on your buttocks for the first few weeks after the procedure is not a good option if you are looking for proper and fast recovery.

After the surgery, your plastic surgeon will assess your recovery and overall health, and if satisfied, he or she will let you go home after a few hours. You will receive detailed advice on how to care for your augmented buttocks. You may also get prescriptions for certain medications that you should take according to your surgeon’s instructions.

When you finally start to sit on your buttocks with support, make sure not to sit down for a long period of time because this increases the risk for dislocation of the implant. However, from the second month onward, you can sit down like a normal person.

If you want to recover properly, it is important to avoid driving without a cushion for the first two months after the buttock augmentation procedure. If it is a short drive, you can place a thick towel under your knees and place another towel under your rear. This will ensure that you can sit down and drive the car with comfort.

During the recovery period, you may also find it hard to bend over. Make sure to keep your necessary things handy and within reach. You may also need someone to drive you home from the hospital and accompany you at home for the first two days.

Instead of sitting down, it is recommended that you lie on your stomach for the first few days.Even eating, drinking, sleeping, and reading should be done in this position, which can be a very uncomfortable experience. If you see or feel anything abnormal or think that there is something hindering your recovery process, you should contact your surgeon immediately.

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