Buttock implants and post care Dr. Hourglass, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio

17th Feb 2017

Recovery for buttock implants is different from buttock augmentation with fat. Buttock augmentation with implant is a procedure that is not performed by most plastic surgeons. This is mainly because specialists are limited and the procedure comes with high complications. In my practice, I have developed a technique that minimizes buttock augmentation complications significantly.
Strict protocols must be followed to avoid infections during the recovery process. Patients are advised to refrain from sitting for roughly three weeks. This is in order to give time for the incisions to close, as well as for the patient to regain enough strength to avoid ripping the sutures open. Sitting puts a lot of pressure on the buttocks, putting tension on the incision in the inner gluteal fold and may cause wound dehiscence. If the implant is exposed and infected, there is no way to save it. It must be removed and the patient must wait at least six months in order to replace the implant.
Two drains will be placed on the buttock. These must be carefully tended to in order to avoid infection. These drains help remove any fluid accumulation around the implant that can cause capsule contracture, prolonged inflammation, and wound dehiscence. The wound must be treated regularly with antiseptic solution in order for the incision to heal properly. Prophylactic antibiotics should be taken for about ten days to avoid infection. Finally, the patient must move around and drink plenty of fluids to avoid blood clots. Following these recommendations will result in excellent recovery and a successful surgery.

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