Buttock implants are no longer just for women

Buttock implants are no longer just for women

09th Oct 2019



It is not a surprising fact that buttock implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States. But the fact that may be surprising to many people is that the procedure is no longer just reserved for women. Hundreds of men also undergo the procedure each year to enhance their backsides. According to the ASPS, buttock augmentation with implants is gradually on the rise among men. 

Men get butt implant surgery for different purposes. Most men want to enhance their masculine features, which is why they undergo surgery. Like women, men also experience lower self-esteem when their buttocks are smaller or flatter because it affects their masculinity. Fuller buttocks can make men look more masculine, look stronger, and muscular.


What a man wants

There is this myth that most men are not interested in maintaining their physical appearance. However, the fact is that a majority of men work to stay fit and appear physically attractive, thanks to the cultural shift. Men also want to look aesthetically welcoming. Furthermore, many men also want to maintain their physical appearance because of the competitive job market. An excellent physical appearance gives men a competitive edge in their career. 

Also, as the number of men going through a divorce is increasing, plastic surgery procedures like buttock implant surgery provide them with the additional confidence to look for new mates. While the number of men seeking plastic surgery is increasing, it does not mean that they want to get the procedure for reasons similar to women. Most men look at particular techniques to overcome their physical shortcomings and flaws, typically starting with workouts. 

Buttock implant surgery is one of the common procedures that men get to add projection and fullness to their backsides. However, men do not want their buttocks to look too large like women. They want to add mild to moderate fullness to their buttocks so that they can appear more masculine and attractive. 

Many men experience shrinkage in their butt volume due to factors like weight loss, aging, and hormonal fluctuations. Bigger buttocks make women look more feminine, and the same thing makes men look more masculine. Men with flatter buttocks also find it difficult to fit well into their clothes. This is yet another reason why they seek buttock implant surgery.

When male buttocks become flatter, it affects their self-esteem because they no longer look attractive, especially to their female counterparts. Exercises and physical activities can make the butt muscles stronger, but the fact is that the fat in the butt instead of the muscles maintains the butt’s volume. Exercises do the opposite here, i.e., they lead to shrinkage of fat in the buttocks. As such, the quickest and effective way men can get back their fuller buttocks and masculine features is through buttock implant surgery. 


Statistics about male buttock augmentation

Statistics also validate that an increasing number of men are getting buttock augmentation surgery to improve their buttocks. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that buttock augmentation for men has seen a sharp rise in recent years. The surgery grew at a record rate of 208 percent among men between 2013 and 2014. In the year 2014, more than 1,000 men got buttock implant surgery in the United States. 

According to studies, men started getting butt augmentation surgery in 2000. Given the figures, you can now understand as to why we emphasize that buttock augmentation is not reserved for women alone. More and more men are now getting the procedure to enhance their masculinity and restore their self-esteem. Moreover, most male patients who get butt augmentation surgery are happy with the outcomes. 


Candidacy for male buttock implant surgery

Like buttock implant surgery for women, there are specific eligibility requirements that patients must meet to qualify. Not all men can get the implants. Firstly, male butt implant surgery is for you if you have smaller or flatter buttocks, are not happy with your butt volume, and desire to get fuller buttocks. Also, if you are experiencing self-esteem issues or you are not able to fit well into your clothes, then you may consider getting this procedure. 

To know whether you are a good candidate, you must consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in the male butt augmentation procedure. The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation. First of all, the surgeon will examine your buttocks to decide whether or not they are smaller or flatter. 

Next, he will ask you how the condition is affecting your life and what improvements you desire to achieve. Thirdly, he will assess your overall health to make sure you are not suffering from serious medical problems that may trigger complications during or after the surgery.

Keep in mind that buttock implant surgery is a major, invasive, and traumatic operation. As such, you must share your complete medical information with the plastic surgeon in advance of the surgery. If you are suffering from any serious illness like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, or blood disorders, you must share this information with the plastic surgeon. 


Buttock implants for men

If you turn out to be a good candidate, the plastic surgeon will give you a date for the operation. However, you must be ready for the downtime and recovery period that can extend to many weeks. There are no buttock implants explicitly made for men. The butt implants available on the market can suit both men and women. Buttock implants come in different sizes and are useful for men desiring to make their rear ends fuller and shapelier. 

Buttock implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is highly durable. It has a robust construction that makes it resilient and stronger, preventing the risk of implant rupture and deflation. Once you get butt implants, they will stay with you for a lifetime and so will the results if rare problems like capsular contracture and implant infection don’t happen. 

The plastic surgeon can tell you what size of butt implant is right for you after analyzing your goals and checking the aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in your backside. Keep in mind, however, that getting very large implants is not best for men. Smaller or moderately sized implants are best to make your buttocks look masculine.


How is the surgery performed?

Buttock implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. During the operation, a board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will then make incisions on the buttocks. The size of the incisions depends on the size of the implants.

After making the incisions, the surgeon will carefully insert the pre-selected implants into the buttocks through the incisions. He will then place the implants under or within the butt muscles. Once the implants are in place, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. 

You are required to go through a recovery process after the procedure. The first two weeks after the surgery are crucial concerning your recovery. During this time, you must take sufficient rest and avoid physical movements and activities. Instead, you must avoid work and focus on your recovery. You must also avoid sitting and sleeping on your back during this time.

Complete recovery takes six weeks. Your buttocks will be swollen and bruised for many weeks and even months following the operation. After two weeks, you may resume work but be sure to avoid strenuous activities for six weeks post-op because that can trigger wound dehiscence and other complications.

The results will take many weeks to transpire. As the incisions heal and the post-operative swelling subsides, the improvements introduced to your buttocks will be prominent. After many weeks and even months, you will see that your buttocks have become fuller and shapelier and you look more masculine. The procedure will also restore your self-esteem and help you fit appropriately into your clothes. 



If you are a man, your buttocks are smaller or flatter, and the condition is affecting your masculinity and self-esteem, you may consider getting butt implant surgery. Buttock implant surgery is no longer limited to women. An increasing number of male patients are also undergoing surgery to enhance their physical features. The good news is that a majority of men who get butt implants report being happy with the results. The procedure involves making the buttocks fuller by inserting and placing artificial implants into the booty. To get better results, you must consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

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