Buttock implants before and after

Buttock implants before and after

09th Oct 2019


If you have a look at certain celebrities that have impressed us with the appearance of their booties, you might discover that their buttocks have changed over time and it wasn’t always so appealing. In other words, their buttocks were not with compliments from Mother Nature, but from a talented and skilled plastic surgeon. Many patients look at buttock implant before and after pictures before scheduling their procedure to get a bigger butt, and this is always a good idea. This way and after discussing this issue with the plastic surgeon, you find out what is to be expected in terms of results.

Keep in mind that the results achieved after butt implant surgery can be very different from one patient to the other, even if the exact same type of implants were used and the same surgical plan was followed. The results are highly dependent on the initial anatomy of the patient, so this means that it is only the plastic surgeon performing the measurements and the pre-operative consultation that can give you a clear image of butt implants before and after in your particular case.

Generally speaking, patients with small or saggy buttocks can get bigger buttocks with a more impressive projection after the procedure. Butt implant surgery can help patients with underdeveloped buttocks or other imperfections to get a more harmonious appearance after the procedure.

Patients should expect to be confronted with a certain level of pain and discomfort that often occurs after a procedure so complex as butt augmentation with implants. Other side effects such as swelling and bruising can make it difficult for patients to be able to assess the results in the weeks following the procedure, so the recommendation is to wait a few months, preferably minimum six months to evaluate the final results.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will perform measurements and also take pictures of your anatomy so you can have something to compare again when the final results of the procedure transpire. Also, you might be able to see computer simulations with the results to be envisaged. Keep in mind that the final results are highly dependent on the patient’s behavior and approach during the recovery period. To get the best results possible, it is important to do certain things exactly as per the doctor’s advice. For example, there is a strict recommendation to only rest on the tummy and not sit down on the buttocks for a minimum of three weeks or more after the procedure. Sitting on the buttocks before getting the green light from the plastic surgeon can lead to complications, and the final results of the procedure can be negatively affected.

During the follow-up consultation that is scheduled six or nine months after the procedure, the plastic surgeon will take new pictures of the results so you can compare them with the initial pictures. 


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