Buttock Implants Revision after bad surgery

18th Oct 2018

While buttock implant surgery provides effective and sustainable results, it may become necessary to go for a butt implant revision surgery in some cases. A butt implant revision is a surgery performed anytime after the original butt implant surgery to enhance the buttocks further, remove the implants, or remove and replace the implants. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and entails all the risks involved in butt implant surgery.
There are a number of circumstances that can necessitate butt implant revision surgery. The most common of these is a change in the aesthetic goal of the patient. There are many patients who, after getting the implants, think that their buttocks should further increase in size or that their buttocks have become overly large.
In order to further increase the size of the buttocks, butt implants will be removed and replaced with larger implants. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will use the original incisions to access, remove, and replace the implants. The incision will then be sutured and closed.
Some patients get overly large implants during the initial surgery, which makes their buttocks look abnormal and weird. Large implants may also result in more palpability. As such, patients consider the revision surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the large implants and replaces them with an ideally sized implant that accentuates the overall figure of the patient.
Another common reason that compels patients to undergo butt implant surgery is capsular contracture, which is a condition whereby the scar tissue that normally forms around the implants contracts and squeezes the implants. Capsular contracture not only changes the shape of the buttocks but also causes physical pain. If other methods don’t treat the condition, a revision surgery will be required. The implants will be removed and/or replaced during the procedure.
Another condition that may trigger the need for revision surgery is the displacement or migration of the implant. If the implant has moved out or away from its pocket, it will affect the shape of the buttocks. As such, it is necessary to place it in its original position or a new position. This is possible only through a revision surgery.
Infection of the implants is yet another condition that may require revision surgery, which is inevitable to ensure your safety in this case. During the procedure, the implants will be removed by using the original incisions and the site will be properly cleaned to remove the infection. The patient may get new implants in future.

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