Buttock liquid silicone injection part 10 – medical treatment

Buttock liquid silicone injection part 10 – medical treatment

23rd Aug 2011

There are other options to manage silicone granulomas and complications associated with this product. Painful granulomas have been treated with the following products:

1. Steroids
2. Non-steroidal antiinflamatory drugs
3. Tetracycline
4. Immune modulating therapies

Steroids have led to improvement in the symptoms but the effects appear to be transient and the symptoms often relapse upon tapering of the dose. Both injection of the granuloma with steroids and oral steroids have been use in an attempt to control the inflammation with mix results.

Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory agents have also been used and led to symptomatic improvement although also the effects appear to be transient.

Now, tetracycline including family of antibiotics has led to sustained remission in several cases. These antibiotics have intrinsic anti-inflamatory and immune-modulating capabilities but long terms remission is still to be seen.

Finally, some newer medications that control the immune system have also been used in treating silicone granulomas. Medications like etanercept and imiquimid show promosing in managing the pain and the inflammation. Now, most of the studies and report on the literature has been on small granulomas on the lips, cheeks and other part of the face which typically are small amount that what is typically use in buttock augmentation.

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