Buttock liquid silicone injection part 11 – surgical treatment

Buttock liquid silicone injection part 11 – surgical treatment

25th Aug 2011

If you survive the butt injection with silicone, the first thing you need to do is to thank God. Now, you need to understand that, even if you don’t develop a complication right away, it might happen years after the surgery. There are many ways to manage the complications of silicone

Surgical treatment of silicone granuloma, as discussed before, is a challenge. It is a challenge to treat because, once you inject the product in the buttock, it disperses to many areas. If the granuloma or product is well localized, then, it can be surgically removed. On the other hand, most of the times this is not the case since multiple injections of the product in different areas makes it difficult to anticipate the extent of the granulomatous reaction. I have personally treated silicone granuloma in the breasts, and it requires a complete removal of the breast tissue (mastectomy) and a reconstruction. Over time the effect of inflammation on the fat and breast tissue distorts the breasts significantly. A similar reaction is common in other parts of the body like the buttocks.

Various factors will determine the extent of the surgical excision and final results:

1. Chronic inflammation resulting in distortion and granuloma
2. Amount of silicone injected
3. Area in the buttock that was injected
4. Purity of the silicone injected

Unfortunately, when silicone is injected, there are not a lot of options, except to wait and see how the body reacts and encapsulates the product. Many times a surgical reconstruction will be necessary to restore the harmony of a deformed area.

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