Buttock liquid silicone injections part 8 – renal failure

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 8 – renal failure

19th Aug 2011

Severe complications have been documented in different states across the country due to the injection of liquid silicone.  In 2007,performed an investigation of three patients that presented acute renal failure (kidney not working) after an injection of presumably silicone for soft tissue augmentation. All the patients had learned about the facility that was injecting silicone through the Internet. The provider was a radiology technician who was injecting silicone without proper supervision. The importance of this possible complication was posted on the CDC epidemic Information Exchange and distributed to physicians countrywide.

The literature does not explicitly report that silicone causes kidney failure directly, but some reports indicate that often silicone is either mixed with other products intentionally that   stimulate an acute inflammation to avoid silicone migration or is not sterile and has been adulterated unintentionally with other products.

Practitioners implicated in injecting these products have been convicted of serious offences up to third degree murder in the practice of medicine without a license.

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