Buttock reduction with liposuction or a butt lift?

Buttock reduction with liposuction or a butt lift?

25th Feb 2020


People nowadays are overly concerned with the appearance of their buttocks. We live in the era of the big booty, and having unsightly buttocks can lead to emotional discomfort and a not so good self-image. Most celebrities nowadays have perfect buttocks that are big, round and alluring. Most of these buttocks are created by the hands of a talented plastic surgeon. However, this doesn’t change the fact that men and women alike want to have alluring buttocks and can even resort to plastic surgery to fulfill this dream.

There are different procedures that can be performed on the buttocks. The optimal surgical plan is recommended by the plastic surgeon after assessing the condition of the patient and performing a physical examination during the pre-operative consultation. Patients might be recommended to undergo a fat transfer that will make their buttocks a little bigger and also refine the shape; implants to get a more impressive projection; liposuction to get rid of the excess fat in different areas of the buttocks, and a butt lift to correct saggy buttocks. 

When it comes to fat transfer and implants, things are rather simple. The plastic surgeon will recommend one or the other depending on the anatomical characteristics of the patient and the desired results. However, when it comes to correcting other imperfections of the buttocks, things can be more difficult, and patients might struggle to see what procedure is recommended for them.

Buttock reduction with liposuction can be performed on patients when the buttocks have an excess of adipose tissue. What we usually do in this case is to remove the fat from different areas of the buttocks to give them a better shape and appearance. Most patients don’t necessarily want to get a smaller butt, but to refine their shape. It can happen for patients to lack a beautiful shape of the butt as they have adipose tissue on the top of the buttocks. This can ruin the aesthetics of the buttocks, even if the adipose tissue is localized on the lower back and not necessarily the buttocks. When using liposuction to contour the buttocks, the plastic surgeon needs to be very careful and avoid addressing the lower structures of the buttocks as they can be very difficult to model and reshape. 

Generally speaking, when we are confronted with sagginess of the buttocks, the butt lift is recommended. Patients who are good candidates for the butt lift have an excess of skin tissue hanging on the lower part of the buttocks. This imperfection can only be corrected surgically, and the recommended procedure is the traditional butt lift.

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