Buttock Reduction with surgery

18th Oct 2018

While buttock augmentation has become a popular trend as of late, there are still some people who opt for a buttock reduction. This procedure is performed with liposuction, utilizing the same techniques used to reduce certain areas of excess fat in the body. During the procedure, the surgeon will first inject the patient’s buttocks with tumescent anesthesia, and then begin with the liposuction. The surgeon will stop once he/she deems the contour to be satisfactory. As simple as that sounds, the surgeon still has to be very cautious when performing liposuction in the buttocks because they have to ensure that they do not damage the inferior gluteal fold. If you cross this boundary, you can have sagginess of the buttock. In addition, it is important to be aware that when liposuction is performed, some of the fibers that connect the buttock tissue to the skin can be damaged, resulting in early sagginess after surgery.

In my experience, buttock reduction can be performed, but the amount of fat that can be removed depends on the level of your excess skin. Another factor would be your skin elasticity among others. For this reason, I tend not to be very aggressive when it comes to buttock reduction because early sagginess and unfavorable results might occur.

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