Buttock reshaping

Buttock reshaping

19th Nov 2015

Cosmetic Surgery for Buttocks

The most common complaints related to the buttocks are either they are “too small” or “too big”. Both problems are completely correctable by cosmetic surgery. Other cosmetic problems associated with buttocks are:

  • Sagging buttocks associated with aging or massive weight loss.
  • Soft tissue defects on the butt from previous surgical procedures or injury.
  • Severe cellulite.

Treatment options

Butt shaping is a surgical art requiring fine hand skills combined with a thorough understanding of butt (gluteal) aesthetics and ethnic variations.

  • Butt reduction. Butt reduction is performed by liposculpting (fine definition liposuction), reducing the fat from the butt and adjacent areas.
  • Butt augmentation. Increasing the size of the buttocks can be achieved surgically either by inserting an implant (gluteal augmentation/butt implant) or by injecting fat cells harvested from the person’s own body.
  • Butt lift. Sagging of the buttocks occurs due to aging or follows massive weight loss. The buttock tissues fall downward and outward and are often associated with loss of volume and wrinkling of skin. Correction of buttock sagging is achieved by butt lift surgery.

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