Buttock Sculpting

Buttock Sculpting

15th Mar 2012

Buttock sculpting surgery has become one of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery. The ideals of how the body is perceived has changed dramatically over the last decade. Buttock sculpting is not about having a bigger butt but a better shape. Dr Cortes is a master in buttock sculpting procedures. He routinely performs the Brazilian butt lift procedure. In this procedure, he removes fat from the abdomen, back, flanks, thighs and this fat is processed and reinjected into the buttocks. This procedure is a total body sculpting and at the same time, the buttocks are shaped to achieve a very curvy figure.

Dr Cortes has study photos of hundreds of women and understands the ideal proportions of the buttocks. He has developed his own technique of fat transfer to achieve the best and long results. He has an 80% – 90% retention of the fat after two years. This technique and the results are permanent.

Due to the high demand for buttock sculpting procedures, he has developed a website exclusively for buttock sculpting and fat transfer, Visit our website and explore the possibilities of an expert in aesthetic buttock surgery. See his results and compare to other surgeons in Houston. You will agree that there is no comparison.

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