Buttocks correction with plastic surgery

Buttocks correction with plastic surgery

16th Mar 2019


The appearance of the buttocks is very important for many people nowadays. A firm, round butt is desired and often difficult to achieve by means other than plastic surgery.

The appearance of the buttocks is impacted by many factors, starting with genetics, lifestyle habits and even the natural passing of time, not to mention weight fluctuations. People with a sedentary lifestyle tend to develop a flat, saggy butt due to the lack of exercise and many hours of sitting.

Some people believe that the appearance of the buttocks can be corrected with the help of physical exercise. This is true, to a certain extent. With physical exercise, we can tone the muscles of the butt and make it look firmer. However, the muscles are positioned just on the upper part of the buttocks. Moreover, you should know that the but is made of muscles, fat tissue and the skin envelope. For people who exercise a lot, they end up with little fat tissue and this can also impact the appearance of the butt in a negative way.

The only effective method for buttock correction is with the help of plastic surgery. Using plastic surgery to correct butt imperfections, we make sure that we achieve expected, long-lasting results in a certain time frame.

Buttock correction procedures that we can use are implants, reduction with liposuction, and fat transfer. Each procedure serves a certain purpose and can be combined with each other to achieve superior results.

If the patient is confronted with an excess of adipose tissue, liposuction can be used to sculpt the butt in a more pleasant shape and to give it a better contour. This procedure is especially beneficial for patients who tend to accumulate fat on the butt, hips and thighs. Using liposuction, the plastic surgeon can remodel the area and give you nice curves and a more alluring shape.

Butt implant surgery is often used to correct small buttocks that are not proportionate to the rest of the patient’s body. The procedure is performed on both men and women with high success rate. The results of the procedure are permanent and easy to sustain.

Fat transfer or the Brazilian butt lift can also be used for augmentation purposes, but only on patients who have an excess of adipose tissue on other areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction during the first stage of the procedure. Fat transfer is often used to improve the shape of the buttocks, correct slight asymmetries, and give the buttocks more volume.


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