Are butts the new boobs?

Are butts the new boobs?

16th Sep 2017


The obsession for bigger boobs and butts in women is not a new thing. In fact, it has been an infatuation of the human race for thousands of years. Consider the 35,000-year old figurines of Venus of Hohle Fels, which portrays a voluptuous woman with huge breasts.

In modern times, males have been classifying themselves as either a “boob guy” or a “butt guy.” For many, making a choice between butts and breasts is difficult. While every woman is unique and beautiful in their own way, they have a tendency to show a specific body part that they are proud of.

In addition to man’s inherent likeness for projection, the media equally reinforces these ideas, labeling specific body shapes as attractive and trendy. This takes a heavy toll on the self-confidence of many women. In order to garner a lot of attention and attract partners, many women resort to plastic surgery. As a result, the demand for plastic surgery has witnessed a huge rise in the past couple of decades.

While breasts have been conventionally seen as the most sexualized feature in women, the trend is now tilting towards the butt. People are seeing the buttocks as a sign of femininity, fertility, physical beauty, and good health. Furthermore, media and celebrities have shown influence in shifting the spotlight from the breasts to the buttocks. Now, even certain celebrities get body shamed for not having bigger, shapely behinds.

Butt implants versus breast surgery

The demand of breast surgery is witnessing a gradual slump while butt implants are seeing a steady rise in the United States and Europe. Bigger butts are now replacing bigger breasts as the preferred choice.

According to the statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the demand for buttock implants increased by 98 percent between 2013 and 2014 while the demand for buttock augmentation via fat transfer witnessed a 15 percent rise. Furthermore, buttock lifts saw a 44 percent surge in 2013 to 2014.

On the contrary, breast augmentation witnessed a 1 percent decrease between 2013 and 2014, falling at 286,250 procedures in 2014. The demand for breast augmentation procedures went down by 2 percent between 2014 and 2015.

2015 saw yet another year of growth for buttock procedures. Figures released by the ASPS showed that buttock-related procedures witnessed a rise in demand. Buttock implant surgery was found to be the fastest growing plastic surgery in 2015. The ASPS report noted that on average, at least one buttock surgery was being performed in the US every 30 minutes in 2015.

The demand for buttock augmentation with implants rose by 36 percent from 2014 to 2015. In the same period, buttock lifts also increased by 36 percent and buttock augmentation with fat transfer increased by 28 percent. Buttock augmentation is going to witness even more rise in demand in the years to come, especially buttock augmentation via implants.

Reasons for increase in demand for buttock implants

The reasons for the increase in demand for bigger butts can be attributed to multiple factors. Firstly, women have the biological tendency to have a smaller waist, a bigger butt, and wider hips. This gives them the physical competence to undergo a healthy pregnancy and delivery. However, not all women have naturally bigger and wider behinds, so many women opt to go under the knife to satisfy their desires and achieve their aesthetic goals.

When we view the interests of women in having bigger butts from an evolutionary standpoint, it becomes clear since men prefer to mate with women who have bigger butts and women will go to any length to satisfy this need. Men view women with bigger butts as more fertile, feminine, and capable of healthy reproduction. A number of research has already reinforced the tendency of men to prefer mating with women having bigger behinds, with the capability of women with bigger butts to deliver healthy babies.

Another reason for the rise in demand for buttock implants is celebrity inspiration. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Montag have set the trend for larger behinds and made buttock implants generally more acceptable to the public. This can also be seen in the popularity of songs such as “Booty” and “Anaconda.”

Women with bigger breasts have the tendency to bend forward as a result of the physical discomfort associated with weighty breasts or to hide them. On the other hand, a bigger butt can allow you a comfortable and attractive posture. If you have a bigger butt, your hip flexors will lengthen, which will in turn keep your position straighter.

Social media is another reason for the rise in the demand for butt implants. Instagram is a popular haven for women to flaunt their big, voluptuous booties. The rise of stars like fitness model Jen Selter inspire women to want to have bigger buttocks as well.

Most women desire to have the hourglass body as it features larger buttocks and wider hips. The hourglass figure is not only physically attractive but also attracts men, showing that the woman is fertile and has the strength to undergo pregnancy and deliver healthy babies. This factor is yet another reason why the demand for buttock implants has witnessed a surge.

Not all big butts are appealing

Having a big butt does not necessarily equate to looking appealing and having all the associated qualities. A research carried out at the Bilkent University in Turkey found that males have a tendency to prefer women who have a particular spine curvature (above 45 degrees). This means that only women with bigger butts that meet this requirement can appear more attractive.

Spine curvature is very important alongside having a bigger butt. Under the same study, men were shown photos of women with larger buttocks but different spine curvatures, excess fat, and extra muscle and were asked to pick their favorite one. Most men picked women with the ideal spine curvature without being aware of it. Instead, most believed it was the buttocks they found appealing.

In order to maintain good health, all humans require a certain volume of fat in their bodies. This is especially true for women, as a healthy amount of fat in the lower body makes them appear healthy, fertile, and physically appealing. However, many women don’t possess enough fat to have these qualities, or lose fat over time. This is where buttock implants come in.

A buttock implant surgery involves the addition of projection to the buttocks by placing prosthetic devices (silicone discs or implants) inside the butt. This makes the butts appear larger and shapely. Another option is through fat transfer, a plastic surgery procedure that involves removal of extra, unwanted fat from different parts of your body and transferring the fat to your rear ends. This option is effective where the goal is to add mild to moderate projection in the buttocks.


While bigger breasts are still a popular trend among women, having a bigger butt is now considered ideal as well. Statistics from the ASPS show that over the last couple of years, the number of buttock augmentation procedures has witnessed a huge spike. In particular, the demand for buttock implant surgery witnessed a huge rise in demand between 2013 and 2015. Having a big butt seems to be a trend that will continue and won’t be going away anytime soon.

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