Can a brazilian butt lift be reversed?

Can a brazilian butt lift be reversed?

08th Mar 2018

There are people that want to know all the details even before considering to undergo surgery for a Brazilian butt lift. One of the questions we encounter quite often is whether or not the Brazilian butt lift can be reserved. In a word, yes. The Brazilian butt lift can be reversed through the removal of fat, basically following the same concept as when the surgeon injected the fat in the buttocks. However, keep in mind that the buttocks won’t look identical to the way it did before surgery.

About the Brazilian butt lift

The butt lift through the use of your own fat is usually recommended for patients who have sufficient fat deposits localized in certain areas of their body, such as the flanks, abdomen, lower back and even upper back. For the Brazilian butt lift in particular, we need generous quantities of adipose tissue for injection.

Skinny patients who don’t have localized fat deposits on the aforementioned areas are not good candidates for this type of surgery. We have had patients coming in with insufficient fat tissue on their abdomen and flanks, but with some fat on their chin, around the knees or upper arms. Unfortunately, they are still not the ideal candidates for this procedure as the fat harvested won’t be enough for a proper Brazilian butt lift. On the other hand, what they can do is go for the buttock augmentation with butt implants because it does not require a significant amount of fat deposits. So don’t worry, there are options for very thin patients too.

Now, going back to the Brazilian butt lift, we need to mention again that the harvesting is usually performed from the areas of the flanks, abdomen and thighs since these are the areas that usually have enough fat tissue. Aside from the enhancement of the buttocks, the other benefit of the Brazilian butt lift is that the patient will also notice a slimming of the waist due to the liposuction done during the procedure. This further increases the effect of the buttock augmentation and lift.

Once enough fat is harvested from the localized areas through liposuction, the next step is to treat and purify it and then inject it into the buttocks. The fat injections are usually done on the superior part of the buttocks in order to create a lifting effect and an interesting projection that will improve and enhance the appearance of the buttocks. Most patients are pleased with the very natural result of the Brazilian butt lift because the transferred tissue has identical characteristics to the local tissue where the fat was injected.

In addition, the Brazilian butt lift does not leave behind large, visible scars, even if we are talking about a lifting procedure. This is because the fat is injected through small incisions that usually heal without leaving noticeable marks on the skin. It is also important to know that the incisions performed for liposuction in the donor areas are also small in dimensions, and it is unlikely for them to be noticeable once they have healed completely and properly.

The volume of fat to be injected into buttocks will be decided during the surgery since it all depends on the quantity of fat harvested during liposuction. Still, you should know that at least 700 cc of fat are needed for a proper buttock augmentation. This is because the body will reabsorb some of the fat. Consequently, the plastic surgeon will have to make sure they inject enough. The length of the procedure varies between two to four hours, depending on the number of areas the fat has to be harvested from.

Pain and a mild level of discomfort are to be expected after the procedure. You may feel it on the donor areas as well as the buttocks. Sleeping on your belly or sides is recommended until the buttocks start to heal in order to avoid putting more pressure than necessary.

Why would anyone want to reverse the Brazilian butt lift?

Just like any other plastic surgery intervention, the Brazilian butt lift has its own set of risks and potential complications. One of the most common risks is not being happy or satisfied with the results of the procedure. We’ve had patients coming to see us about a revision surgery a few weeks after getting the Brazilian butt lift in another practice.

The sculpting of the butt with the patient’s own fat is an art in itself, and it requires a talented and extremely experienced plastic surgeon to be able to deliver favorable results. Otherwise, you end up with more fat where you don’t need it and a still sagging buttock with no projection. For this reason, finding the right plastic surgeon for your procedure is crucial. Some of the patients that come for revision surgery are so unhappy with their results that all they want to do is get rid of the extra fat from their buttocks and to get back the body they had before.

As we have already mentioned before, the fat can be extracted using liposuction, in the same manner the plastic surgeon harvested it from the donor areas during the initial intervention. Unfortunately, the reality is that your butt will never look identically the same as before. This why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to consider the risks and benefits of each plastic surgery well, before scheduling for surgery. Furthermore, the results of your Brazilian butt lift highly depend on the surgeon. Before choosing your plastic surgeon, you must thoroughly check their credentials and experience. Pick someone known for delivering impressive results for that particular procedure.

Also, looking to reverse your Brazilian butt lift a few weeks after the intervention is not a solution. While you may be unhappy with the results, you should understand that this is not final. It will take at least three months for the final results to be visible, so consider giving your body enough time to heal. Perhaps you may even like the final results.


The Brazilian butt lift is a reversible procedure. The fat injected into the butt can simply be removed through liposuction. However, your buttock won’t necessarily look exactly the same as it did before undergoing the initial Brazilian butt lift procedure. Thus, you should carefully consider whether reversing it will make you happier with the appearance of your buttocks.

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