What you can achieve with breast lift surgery

What you can achieve with breast lift surgery

15th Oct 2017

Breast lift is a surgical procedure used to treat saggy and loose breasts. The procedure is popular for restoring the perkiness, firmness, and youthful shape of the breasts. The breasts become loose and saggy due to factors like aging, breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss, genetics, and gravity. The good news is that the breast lift surgery can effectively treat breast sagging by excising the excess skin, reshaping the glandular tissue, and elevating the nipples.

Breast lift procedure can sometimes be performed alongside other surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation. Doing so will not only make the breasts tighter and firm but will also add volume and projection to them. Before undergoing a breast lift procedure, you must be sure that your goals and expectations are realistic and reasonable. Furthermore, undergoing the breast lifting surgery is a personal decision, meaning that you should not go under the knife to simply to fulfill the desire of someone else.

The results of breast lift can last for several years, depending on a number of factors. The results and their sustainability may also differ from one patient to another, depending on how the body responds and how much the patient cares for the breasts. This procedure should be taken only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

The breast lift surgery is popular for delivering impressive results. In order to increase the chances of good results with breast lift, you must maintain an open communication with your plastic surgeon. You should state clearly what you want and expect from breast lift surgery. Also, ask your plastic surgeon about the risks, side effects, and discomforts that may be caused by the procedure.

Realistic goals

To avoid disappointments after the breast lift surgery, it’s very important for the patient to have realistic goals and expectations. There are certain things that a breast lift surgery may not achieve. For instance, breast lift cannot completely turn the clock back, especially after pregnancy and aging. The main goal that a breast lift surgery can help you achieve is firmer, perky breasts.

An overview of breast lift surgery

There are three main types of breast lift procedure: vertical lift, inverted-T lift, and peri-areola lift. Depending on your expectations and aesthetic needs, the plastic surgeon will recommend you the best option. The procedure, which can be completed in 2-3 hours, normally involves the use of general anesthesia. During the surgery, the excess skin will be excised and your breasts will be reshaped. In some cases, the procedure may be used in combination with other interventions like breast augmentation.

Benefits of breast lift surgery

There are many benefits of breast lift surgery. This surgical intervention can have a positive impact on your life, because it will help boost your self-esteem and productivity. Generally, a breast lift surgery has more advantages than disadvantages for almost all patients. A breast lift procedure can make your breasts perkier, firmer, round, and symmetrical. Repositioning of nipples alone is enough to correct sagging breasts. Before undergoing a breast lift procedure, you should ask your plastic surgeon whether you would be a good candidate for a combination procedure. Combining breast lifting with breast augmentation can deliver impressive results for many patients. The benefits of breast lift include:

Youthful appearance

Aging introduces negative changes like sagging and stretching to the breasts. Other factors are breastfeeding, weight loss, and genetics. The best way to restore all these changes in breast profile is through breast lift surgery. After the surgery, your breasts will become perky and raised. Breast lift surgery not only restores the youthful appearance of the breasts, but also contours the breasts to make them appear sexy.

2. Reshaping and resizing

When the breast skin stretches due to breastfeeding or weight loss, it leads to drooping breasts and loss of breast volume. To reshape, resize, and give breasts a brand new look, the breast lift surgery can be used together with other plastic surgery interventions like breast augmentation. Doing so will help effectively reshape and resize saggy breasts at the same time.

3. Fit well in your clothes

The appearance, size, and shape of your breasts mostly determine what you can wear. Women with drooping and sagging breasts often find it difficult to wear certain types of clothes. With a breast lift surgery, you will be able to fit better and have more clothing options.

4. Boost your self-esteem

Sagging and loose breasts can have unwelcoming effects on a woman’s self-confidence, causing you to feel insecure and embarrassed especially in public. In order to improve your self-esteem and become more comfortable, a breast lift procedure is a good option. After the surgery, you will feel more confident and be able to socialize comfortably. Furthermore, perky, firmer, and sexy breasts will help you attract better, potential mates.

Knowing the risks

Breast lift procedure is usually safer and has lower risks. However, all surgical procedures come with complications, and the breast lift is no exception. Below are the common side effects and risks of breast lift:

• Infections

• Scarring

• Hematoma

• Adverse anesthesia reaction

• Change in breast sensation

• Undesirable results

If not taken care of during the recovery period, your breasts may contract infection, which can complicate the healing process. It is therefore important for patients to stick to the post-operative care instructions, as advised by a plastic surgeon.

Breast lift surgery can also lead to extensive scarring if a patient fails to follow the surgeon’s instructions. During the recovery period, patients should avoid direct sunlight exposure, as it can worsen the scars by making them darker and prolonging the healing process.

Breast lift surgery patients who ignore post-operative care instructions may even end up with complications like seroma, where bloodstained fluids discharged from injured blood vessels collect in the surgical area. Change in nipple sensation is yet another risk of breast lift surgery.

This procedure is generally one of the safest plastic surgery interventions, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. It is actually outpacing breast augmentation procedure in the United States due to its record of safety and delivering impressive aesthetic outcomes.

Frequently asked questions about breast lift procedure

1. Will I end up with smaller breasts after breast lifting?

It depends on what you want and expect. During the consultation with your surgeon, tell him or her about your expectations and aesthetic desires. Some types of breast lift procedures can lead to small breasts, but implants can be used as a combo procedure to make the breasts larger and rounder.

2. Am I too young to undergo this procedure?

This procedure is mostly recommended for older women with sagging and loose breasts. However, younger women can also undergo the surgery if they have saggy breasts and want to make their breasts perky and firmer.

3. When should I start sleeping on my stomach after breast lift surgery?

You should avoid sleeping on your stomach for the first week after the breast lift surgery. You should allow your breasts enough time to heal without complications. You can ask your surgeon as to when exactly can you start to sleep on your front side.

4. What should I do if I don’t get good results?

It’s advisable that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to increase your chances of achieving the desired results. You should also ensure that you are healthy before undergoing the surgery. Should you get undesired results, feel free to inform your plastic surgeon, because there is always room for another surgery to correct any flaws that may have been unattended in the first procedure.


Breast lift is a major plastic surgery procedure. It is very effective when it comes to treating saggy breasts. The procedure involves removal of excess skin from the breasts, in addition to sculpting the breast tissue and repositioning the areola and nipples. As a result, your breasts will look perky, raised, tighter, and sexy.

The breast lift procedure comes with a range of benefits. The surgery will make you appear young with firmer, aesthetically appealing breasts. If breast augmentation in used in association with breast lifting, your breasts can even increase in size and appear fuller. After breast lifting, your self-esteem will get a boost, and you will be able to fit well in your clothes. Overall, the surgery will have a very positive effect in your life and appearance when undertaken by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon.

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