Can bbl be performed on men?

Can bbl be performed on men?

24th Dec 2019


The Brazilian butt lift is a dream come true procedure for many women as it removes fat from areas where it is in excess, purifies it, and moves it to the buttocks to give it more volume. But this doesn’t mean that it is only women who can benefit from undergoing this procedure. Nowadays men resort to plastic surgery as well to correct physical imperfections, including the flaws of the rear end. It is true that in many cases, the procedure they are interested in is butt implant surgery; however, it is important to mention that the BBL can also be performed on men.

There are many reasons why one procedure is recommended for a patient over another procedure that targets the same area. Most men want to get a better projection of the buttocks or more volume on the upper part of the butt, and this means that the recommended procedure is butt implant surgery. If the patient is rather thin or fit, we can only perform butt augmentation with implants and not fat transfer. 

However, the Brazilian butt lift can be performed on male patients who have unwanted fat deposits in other areas of the body that can be addressed with liposuction and want to have that fat grafted into the buttocks. When the BBL is performed on male patients, the surgical plan is the same as for women. Liposuction can be performed on the abdominal wall, the flanks, the lower back, and the thighs to collect the fat needed for the transfer. Just like when performed on women, general anesthesia is often preferred by both patients and plastic surgeons alike. This is for the comfort of the patient as the procedure can be quite lengthy. 

After the general anesthesia is administered, the plastic surgeon will start making the incisions to introduce the liposuction cannula to dislodge and suction fat from areas with an excess of adipose tissue. Next, the fat will be purified and the damaged fat cells, as well as blood and other impurities,  will be eliminated. The last step involves fat transfer to the buttocks. Keep in mind that the fat will be transferred to the buttocks using a special syringe and the whole buttock contour will be remodeled during the procedure. 

Just like with female patients, compression garments are recommended to be worn non-stop for a few weeks after the procedure to reduce the swelling and refine the results. It is important for patients not to sit on the buttocks or lie on the back for a minimum of three weeks post-op as otherwise, the fat cells grafted into the buttocks might die. 

The Brazilian butt lift can deliver good results in male patients, remodeling the body by eliminating fat from where it is in excess and adding it to the buttocks. To find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon.


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