Can big breast implants cause posture issues?

Can big breast implants cause posture issues?

28th Aug 2018

Over the years we have seen many celebrities getting a breast augmentation, proud of their new, huge breasts only to have their overly large implants removed and replaced with smaller ones after some time. There is no question about this: big, voluptuous breasts have their appeal, and they are the most significant symbol of femininity. But overly large breasts can also pose issues, especially when it comes to the posture of the patient. Either naturally or achieved with the help of plastic surgery, big breasts can entail certain issues that cause discomfort for women.

Inconvenience during sports and other physical activities

In recent years, a famous Romanian tennis player had a breast reduction and declared that she had undergone the surgery to be able to compete at a higher level. Playing sports or engaging in intense physical activities when you have huge breasts can be a struggle. After a breast augmentation, things can come as a shock for the patient. Things such as playing tennis, jogging, or playing volleyball at the beach can turn from a wonderful pastime into an uncomfortable activity.

Moreover, finding a suitable sports bra to support your new, bigger breasts can prove to be a struggle. Some women believe that after having a breast augmentation with implants, there will be no need to wear a bra as their breasts will be elevated on the chest naturally and in no need of support. This is not true. Not wearing a bra can lead to early breast sagginess, especially if the breasts are overly large.

Breast sagginess

Nowadays many women associate a breast lift surgery with an augmentation with implants. The combined procedures will allow for elevated breasts with an increased size. But if the size of the breast implants is overly large, breast sagginess can occur sooner rather than later. Of course, breast ptosis is something that affects all women at a certain point in their lives, but it has been proven that the size of the breasts is also a factor contributing to early sagginess. Usually, the bigger the breasts, the earlier they start sagging.

Dermatological conditions

Overly large breasts create the premises for infections and rashes to occur on the inframammary fold. The excess of perspiration under the breasts often causes these issues as mildness and irritation offer the ideal conditions for the spreading of bacteria.

Posture issues

A thing that not many women take into consideration when choosing huge breast implants is that this will affect their posture. Women who have undergone a pregnancy know that the body posture changes during pregnancy and they often experience back pain because of this. This happens as the breasts and tummy grow. When talking about a breast augmentation with breast implants, the added weight is only on the chest. The body, confronted with the extra weight on the upper level, has to work harder to maintain its vertical position. The excessive weight of the breasts tends to push the body forward in a bent position, causing a curb of the spine on the upper level. Aside from this, due to the changes in weight distribution, the muscles and joints on the back are subjected to an increased pressure that can lead to rigidity and discomfort while bending and turning. Back, neck, and shoulder pain are very common for patients who opt for overly large breast implants.

The weight on the chest is felt like a burden on the spine, hence the pressure of the breasts can easily lead to an incorrect body posture. It is important to keep in mind that everything in our body is connected, and the effects are transmitted between the different systems. This means that a change of posture caused by huge breasts will affect other regions of the body in time too.

How to prevent getting implants that are too big for your body

First and foremost, you have to choose your plastic surgeon wisely. Not everyone who can insert implants into your breasts is a good surgeon. It takes a complex measurement system, an eye for detail, beauty, and adequate proportions for the plastic surgeon to be able to recommend the right breast implants for your particular case. This means that you will be measured and analyzed before the surgeon comes up with a recommendation. It is also essential to follow the surgeon’s recommendation if you want to avoid posture issues caused by overly large breasts and other conditions that can occur as a result of getting breasts that are not suitable for your body type.

Remember that when it comes to beauty, it is more a question of proportion, balance, and harmony than having an excessively augmented part of the body. Big, voluptuous breasts are of course sexy, but not when they come with the price of your body posture.


There are several conditions that can be caused by having overly large breasts. Without the proper support and advice from the plastic surgeon, many patients undergo breast augmentation with huge implants only to get them removed some time after in their inability to deal with the discomfort and pain.

Huge breasts are a problem especially for thin patients or those who lack proper muscle tonus in their back and abdomen as the spine will be even more affected. The pressure put on the spine by the excessive weight of the breasts will translate into back, neck, and shoulder pain that can be constant and quite intense.

Choosing the right implant size for your particular body type is essential if you want to keep health problems at bay, and this can only be done with the help of a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon.

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