Can breast implants correct asymmetry?

Can breast implants correct asymmetry?

10th Sep 2018

Having one breast smaller or larger than the other is common among women. Even if most women have asymmetrical breasts, most are not really obvious. When clothes are worn over them, you won’t even notice the asymmetry unless you stare and scrutinize the breasts. On the other hand, some women may have breast asymmetry that can still be obvious under clothing. Women who have this kind of asymmetry would try to find ways on how to improve the appearance of their breasts.

Some women successfully hide the asymmetry underneath their clothing or by wearing a special bra, but these are just temporary solutions to the problem. A more permanent solution is to undergo surgery. There are different kinds of breast surgery available today, and the kind of surgery done to your breast would depend on the results you want to achieve.

For those who have asymmetrical breasts but still wish to make their breasts look bigger, a breast implant surgery can be done. In some cases, there are women who do not know that their breasts are asymmetrical until they had implants placed on them. If breast implants would simply be inserted into each breast, the asymmetry will not be corrected. It is possible that the asymmetry would be more obvious because of the addition of the implants.

If you want to have your breasts augmented even if they are asymmetrical, you can expect more work done by the surgeon. Along with the insertion of the implants, they can also give you a breast lift to make your breast look more symmetrical. They can also vary the position of the implants to make the breasts look more even.

It is also possible to have breast implants of different sizes. This helps make sure that the smaller breasts are augmented more than the larger breasts. This will help provide more symmetry to breasts. It is also possible to only have one implant on one side of the breasts. Some surgeons perform this while others do not advise it because the two breasts wouldn’t behave the same. They will not drop the same and when the woman ages, and the difference can be more obvious.

The use of breast implants alone can help correct the asymmetry, but it is also best if you first allow surgeons to take a look at your breasts and decide on what surgical procedures are best for you. You may still be in need of implants for your breasts, but it is also still possible that you need more than just breast implant surgery. The only way you can really tell is to go for a consultation. Through the consultation, the surgeon can fully assess your breasts and provide you with options about the kind of surgery needed to fix the asymmetry and augment the breasts.

When consulting a surgeon to do your breast augmentation surgery, make sure you are talking to a certified and well-experienced surgeon. This is to make sure the surgery done would improve your symmetry and also make sure you are safe during and after the surgery.

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