Can breast reduction cause cancer?

Can breast reduction cause cancer?

05th Apr 2019


Breast reduction surgery is quite a complex and invasive procedure. When it is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions and use them to eliminate the excess of mammary gland, skin and fat tissue to make the breasts more harmonious with the rest of the patient’s anatomy. Because of how invasive the procedure is, many patients ask if breast reduction surgery can cause cancer.


Before discussing this issue, let’s have a look at what breast reduction surgery is and what it does to a woman’s body. Breast reduction pis known in medical terms as reduction mammoplasty. The procedure entails the removal of the fat, skin and glandular tissue that are in excess in the breasts. It is requested by patients of different ages who want to get relief from the many discomforts associated with having overly large breasts. After the procedure, the size of the breasts should be in line with the rest of the patient’s anatomy and proportionate to the dimensions of the thorax.


For many patients, breast reduction contributes to the increase of self-esteem levels, and in a vast majority of cases, it increases functionality for women who can engage in physically demanding activities and sports more easily after the surgery. To find out all the details of breast reduction, as well as the long-term consequences and how to prepare for it, you should schedule a meeting with the plastic surgeon.


When it comes to the risks and complications that can occur after breast reduction, they are often infections, unsatisfactory results, vicious scarring, and difficulties or an inability to breastfeed. However, developing cancer is not among the risks and complications of breast reduction. Moreover, there has been a study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal that shows that breast reduction surgery can actually reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, especially for patients over 50 years old.


In other words, the partial removal of the mammary gland for a patient with high risk of developing breast cancer can actually decrease the chances of that patient getting breast cancer as the tissue is more limited. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should get breast reduction just to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. You should have a strong medical recommendation for the procedure, just like in any other procedure.


So, the answer to the question “Can breast reduction cause cancer?” is a firm “no.” However, as we have mentioned before, there are other risks associated with the procedure and the patient should be well aware of them before scheduling the procedure. Moreover, keep in mind that just like any other surgery performed on a patient over a certain age (senior patients), the recovery period might be longer and associated with more risks due to the advanced age of the patient.


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