Can breast tissue grow back after breast reduction?

Can breast tissue grow back after breast reduction?

28th Oct 2017

Patients who are seeing a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction surgery are usually looking for a solution to reduce the discomfort they are suffering from caused by the excessive weight of their big breasts. The breast reduction surgery can solve this issue while improving the size and shape of the breasts. As a result of the reduction mammoplasty, your breasts will be more proportionate to the rest of the body and your clothes will fit you better.

Breast reduction procedure, called in medical terms as the reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical intervention procedure where the plastic surgeon will remove fat, mammary tissue and skin from the breasts, making them smaller, lighter and firmer. With this procedure, the dimensions of the areolas can also be reduced if this is an issue. Sagging breasts will get a more natural shape through the repositioning of the mammary tissue to an elevated position on the chest.

The purpose of the intervention is breast reconstruction with the reduction of the volume and ascension, thereby recreating the curb shapes that are proportionate to the patient’s anatomy. The optimal volume of the breasts that will be removed will depend on the body frame of the patient.

Whatever method that will be performed, the patient will be left with three scars that will have an inverted T-shape scar around the areola, a vertical scar in between the areola and the inframammary line and a horizontal scar in the inframammary line. If the procedure is performed by an experienced and talented plastic surgeon, there will be minimal scarring and less visible scars.

The breast tissue that is removed after the surgery will not grow back, but this does not mean that your breasts will always look the same way that it looked after the intervention. Factors such as pregnancies or massive weight gain can have an impact on the results of the surgery To be able to maintain the results after the breast reduction procedure, you should keep a balanced lifestyle, maintain a constant weight and avoid pregnancy. Looking after your breasts and wearing appropriate support while exercising can help you avoid sagging to a certain extent (sagginess of the breasts is also influenced by gravity, genetic factors and aging).

The plastic surgeon will choose the optimal surgical procedure to reduce the size of the scars and to balance the volume and the shape of the breasts in order to be proportionate to the thorax and the general aspect of the patient.

Breast reduction intervention is recommended for women with voluminous breasts that are hyper trophic and with breast ptosis as a result of their weight. The intervention can be performed on both breasts or on just one of them when the hyper trophy only affects one breast.. In most cases, women request this procedure because they are not satisfied with the way their breasts look after pregnancy or because of massive weight loss.

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