Can breasts become small and asymmetric after breast lift

Can breasts become small and asymmetric after breast lift

08th Oct 2019


When people come first for a pre-operative consultation for a breast enhancement procedure, not many are aware of the fact that the results of the procedure can be unsatisfactory, and their breasts can end up looking worse than before. However, if you have a look online or at the reality shows about the topic, you will notice that it can happen for breast surgery to deliver botched results. In many cases, the procedure that can deliver unexpected or unwanted results is the breast augmentation with implants; however, it can also happen in the case of the breast lift procedure.

Unsatisfactory results after a breast lift surgery considered so by industry standards are breasts with significant asymmetries. For example, the patient can have asymmetric breasts before the procedure is performed and this imperfection is even more visible after the breast lift is performed. More than this, even if the patient didn’t have another imperfection of the breasts aside from the breast ptosis after the procedure is performed the breasts can look asymmetric. How is this even possible, you ask. Well, one of the reasons why people get unsatisfactory results after plastic surgery is not choosing the right plastic surgeon to play out their procedure.

Generally speaking, you should only select a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon to perform your breast lift if you want to maximize the results achieved and avoid consultations. And this is the reason why the financial part shouldn’t be the most important factor in choosing one surgeon over the other. In a vast majority of cases, experience will cost more than a lack of experience, and it is only natural to be this way.

Your breasts should be smaller after the breast lift intervention as the procedure only entails the elimination of the skin that is in excess at the level of the breasts; however, because the glandular tissue is centered higher on the chest wall, the breasts might look smaller, even if their volume will pretty much stay the same. 

Asymmetries can occur as a result of a lack of experience of the plastic surgeon and in some case due to an inappropriate patient’s behavior during the recovery period. During the recovery period, the patients are advised to follow a strict protocol that entails wearing the sports or compression bra for multiple weeks and not sleeping on the tummy as not to put unnecessary pressure at the level of the breasts. More than this, the patients are advised to avoid physically demanding activities for at least a month after the intervention is performed, as well as smoking. Smoking can cause skin or fat tissue necrosis that can determine the need for surgical correction, hence creating asymmetries at the level of the breasts.

Make sure to choose a talented and board-certified plastic surgeon who performs this procedure routinely and ask his recommendations before the procedure is performed. In case asymmetries occur after the breast lift, you can consider undergoing a revision surgery. 

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