Can butt augmentation and butt lift be performed as a combined procedure?

Can butt augmentation and butt lift be performed as a combined procedure?

28th Nov 2018

The butt augmentation and butt lift surgeries are popular procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks. In most cases, the butt lift or butt augmentation alone is enough to deliver the desired aesthetic results to most patients. However, there is always a possibility some patients may require the combined surgery of butt lift and butt augmentation.

Whether you require the combo operation depends on the aesthetic flaws in your butt and your aesthetic goals and expectations. When these procedures are performed in association, the butt will not only become firmer, voluptuous, and perkier but also bigger and fuller. If you want to know your candidacy for the combined surgery of butt lift and augmentation, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon now.

Signs you need the combo of butt augmentation and butt lift

The combined surgery of butt augmentation and butt lift is not for everyone. Your candidacy for the combo procedure would be thoroughly assessed during the initial consultation. The plastic surgeon will take a look at your buttocks and ask you about your ideas about the ideal butt before recommending a course of action.

Typically, the combined procedure is used to treat buttocks that are not only smaller or flatter but also saggy and loose. There are many factors that can make even smaller or flatter buttocks saggy. These factors include aging, pregnancy, gravity, weight changes, and lifestyle.

So, if your buttocks are saggy and smaller and the condition is affecting your life in negative ways, these are signs you need the combo of butt augmentation and butt lift. However, your health and aesthetic goals will be assessed and analyzed to determine your fitness and qualification for the procedure.

How is the combined surgery performed?

The combo of butt lift and butt augmentation is performed under general anesthesia, which means you’ll remain completely asleep throughout the procedure. If the treatment plan includes implants, the surgery will start with the placing of incisions on the butt, after which the implants are inserted through the incision.

The implants are made of highly durable, semi-solid silicone. Unlike breast implants, butt implants cannot rupture or leak because they don’t contain silicone gel or saline solution. They have a special construction and composition to imitate the shape and movement of your buttock muscles, tissues, and fat.

After inserting the implant inside the butt, it will be placed in the intended pocket. Where exactly should the implant be placed is a major decision because making the wrong choice may render your operation useless or botched. There are three options to place the implants inside the butt.

The first option is to place the implant above the gluteal muscle. However, this is not recommended because it entails greater risks and complications. The risk of implant displacement, infection, palpability, and capsular contracture increases when the implant is placed above the butt muscle.

The second option is to place the implant within the butt muscle, and the third option is to place it below the butt muscle. These two options are preferred. Most surgeons recommend placing the implant within the butt muscle as it delivers better results. The implant gets maximum tissue coverage and the risks are lower with this option.

After placing the implants in the intended location, the plastic surgeon will surgically remove the excess, saggy skin from the butt. The plastic surgeon will then tighten the underlying muscles to make the butt firmer and perkier. Next, the doctor will re-drape the remaining skin and reposition it to make it appear youthful and toned. The underlying muscles and other structures will then be tightened and sutured. The incisions will then be closed.


The combined surgery of butt augmentation and butt lift is recommended for patients who have saggy and smaller buttocks. The surgery involves the removal of excess skin from the butt and the use of implants or fat transfer to augment the buttocks. The results of the combined surgery would gradually evolve over the next few weeks or months. The ultimate results will include bigger, fuller, firmer, toned, youthful, and sensuous buttocks. Patients should be sure not to get very large implants because that could make the buttocks saggy again.

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