Can butt implant surgery be done under local anesthesia?

Can butt implant surgery be done under local anesthesia?

18th Jan 2021

If you are not happy with your buttocks and dream of having a larger behind, this is a goal within reach with the help of plastic surgery. There are two procedures that can be performed for butt augmentation purposes: implants and fat transfer. Butt implant surgery has the benefits of delivering permanent results that are not dependent on the weight of the patient. When it comes to fat transfer, the results can only be sustained if the patient keeps a constant weight.

Butt implants are medical devices that are safe for use inside the body. They have limited risks and minimal complications. Generally speaking, butt implant surgery is preferred by many patients as the results don’t need touch-ups later on and gluteal implants don’t need to be removed and replaced over time.

When it comes to undergoing this procedure, many patients want to know the details associated with it, starting with the type of anesthesia to be used and ending with the long-term potential consequences of the procedure.

A question we hear from time to time is whether butt implant surgery can be done under local anesthesia. Some surgeons will perform the procedure with the patient under local anesthesia with IV sedation; however, this is not a preferred method. The truth is that the procedure can last quite a long time, and it might get uncomfortable for the patient. I often suggest general anesthesia for patients desiring to get butt implant surgery. If the patient has certain contraindications that prevent her from getting general anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation can be discussed. 

There are patients who want to undergo plastic surgery but are trying to avoid getting general anesthesia as they believe it will affect their wellbeing and take years off their lifespan. This is not true. The substances used as general anesthetic are now safer than ever. 

When under the effects of general anesthesia, the patient is asleep and feels no pain and will have no memories during the surgery. This is very important for the comfort and wellbeing of the patient, especially because the procedure can last up to two hours. Moreover, when we use general anesthesia, the plastic surgeon can recommend combining butt implant surgery with other procedures that will help the patient achieve superior results. For example, I a combo of butt implants and fat transfer to help the patient get all-natural results and get the perfect coverage for the implants, even when the patient has little butt tissue. 

When multiple procedures are done in one operation, the procedure can take up to four hours or more, and it is not recommended to choose local anesthesia with sedation for longer procedures.

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