Can butt implants cause nerve damage?

Can butt implants cause nerve damage?

30th Oct 2018

Even if butt augmentation can be made using either fat transfer or butt implants, some patients are not good candidates for a fat transfer, and the only solution for them is butt implants. As with every cosmetic surgery, small complications or side effects can sometimes occur during the process. However, when dealing with butt implants, statistics show that compared to breast augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery, butt implants pose much lower risks. Even if side effects appear in small numbers, every patient needs to be aware of them before a butt augmentation. Nothing is perfect, and no invasive medical procedure has a 100% success rate. If we are to list all the complications when dealing with butt implants, we can separate them into two categories: minor and major complications.

Minor complications: These complications are the most common side effects of butt augmentation, but they are considered minor complications as they do not pose any danger to the patient in the long run. Also, these side effects are treated successfully all the time. These include change in skin sensation, swelling, bruising, skin irregularities, asymmetry, pain, discomfort, and seromas.

Major complications: Even if most complications can be treated on time, sometimes they pose a high risk to a patient’s health. These side effects include infection, embolism, skin necrosis, migration of the implant towards the incision (implant protrusion), toxicity from anesthesia, or nerve damage.

As the surgeon will deal with muscles, it is normal to include nerve damage on the side effects list. To narrow it down, most patients ask if the sciatic nerve can be affected, as implants will be placed usually near this specific nerve. This can happen if the implants will migrate towards the lower area of your buttocks or if the doctor will accidentally hit the sciatic nerve.

In order for us to avoid migration, we need to pay attention to the recovery process. Strictly follow your doctor’s advice and let your tissues regenerate themselves around the implants. Take all the time you need away from work in order for all the tissue around the implants to heal properly. By doing so, your body will automatically create a strong pocket around your implants and will strengthen the area.

On the other hand, in order for us to avoid accidents, it is better to choose experienced doctors for the procedure. An experienced surgeon will know exactly what to do during the procedure and where to place your implants in order for them to avoid the sciatic nerve or any other nerve in the area.

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