Can butt implants correct asymmetries

Can butt implants correct asymmetries

03rd May 2017

Most women who go for the butt implant surgery have one goal in mind, and that is to increase the size of their buttocks. Buttock augmentation through the use of implants is very common today because a lot of women opt for a very significant increase in the size of their buttocks. Most of the time, the buttock augmentation results they want can only be achieved by making use of implants.

Butt implant surgery isn’t only used to increase the size of the buttocks. It can also be used to correct asymmetries in the buttocks. Asymmetries in the buttocks may be minimal and unnoticeable, but there are also other cases where the asymmetry may be great and quite obvious. By working with the right surgeon, the asymmetry of the buttocks can be corrected.

By having a consultation with a certified and experienced surgeon, they can see and assess your asymmetrical buttocks. They will also be able to tell you if using butt implants can help with the asymmetry or not. In some cases, other methods such as the fat transfer procedure can also be used to help correct the asymmetry.

If a patient has asymmetrical buttocks and wants to correct the asymmetry and augment the buttocks at the same time, the butt implant surgery will be a great fit. Both butt cheeks will be inserted with implants, but the size and shape of the implants will be altered to compensate for the asymmetry and to make sure that the surgery results in a more symmetrical buttock. With the implants inserted and the buttocks fully healed from the procedure, a patient can expect an improvement in the symmetry of their buttocks.

Although butt implants can help correct buttock asymmetry, it is not a 100% guarantee that the buttocks will be exactly alike. Asymmetry can still occur but is lessened due to the surgery. There are many different factors that can affect how the butt cheeks heal. They can only improve the overall appearance of the buttocks.

In some cases, implants are not the only things used to augment the buttocks and make them look more symmetrical. The fat transfer procedure can also be used in combination with the butt implants to achieve a more flattering and more symmetrical look. By adding fat in different areas in the buttocks, the shape can be altered and more volume can be added. This, along with the butt implants, helps provide more symmetry.

In order to increase the chance of having a positive result from the surgery, it is important to work with a certified and experienced surgeon. This helps make sure the surgeon really knows the procedure well and is capable of providing improved results. Proper selection of the surgeon doesn’t only increase the chance of having good results, but it also lessens the chance of developing dangerous complications such as infection. Surgeons who are certified and experienced know how to prevent the infection in the first place so they don’t risk the life of the patient during the recovery.

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