Can buttock augmentation be performed in association with other procedures?

Can buttock augmentation be performed in association with other procedures?

22nd Jul 2017

Combo plastic surgery procedures have been developed on the premise that if the patient has made the decision to go under the knife, is ready to endure the recovery process, and is willing to invest in aesthetics enhancements, it makes sense to address other imperfections in a single surgical session. Instead of having the patient go for two different procedures at different times, surgeons are encouraging patients to opt for combo procedures to maximize outcomes and deliver more impressive results.

As forewarning, understand that plastic surgery combo procedures are not as straightforward as they may sound. The decision to undergo combined procedures should be made carefully, because multiple undertaking procedures at one go equally increases the risks and side effects of the procedures. The same holds true for buttock augmentation. It is important to understand whether it is feasible to combine a butt augmentation with other procedures, and if yes, what are the procedures that can be performed with a butt augmentation?

It is absolutely possible to perform buttock augmentation in association with other procedures; however, the options for the secondary procedures are limited. The most important factor that surgeons consider when undertaking butt augmentation with other procedures is the level of discomfort that the patient will go through during the recovery period and the possible complications that may arise as a result.

Except for buttock enhancement, most of the plastic surgery procedures are frontal and this is a major challenge in the combo procedures. When a butt augmentation is performed, you will be required to rest and sleep face down, or on your side for at least 5-7 days. Now, if breast augmentation were performed in association with butt augmentation, you would not be allowed to rest and sleep on your back and face down. Resting and sleeping on your side for an extended period is quite difficult, even impossible, for some.

Given the resting and sleeping limitations, most of the procedures targeting the front side of the body cannot be performed in association with buttock augmentation. However, it also depends on your surgeon’s preferences. There are a few other procedures that can be performed in association with butt augmentation.

Liposuction can be performed along with buttock augmentation. Liposuction is not a highly invasive procedure. It involves removal of stubborn fat pockets from localized areas of the body, such as the abdomen, sides, thighs, back, and upper body. It involves the placement of very small incisions, so it is safe and comfortable to have both buttock augmentation and liposuction at the same time. The fats removed from your body during liposuction can also be transferred to your buttocks for augmentation purposes in a procedure called fat grafting.

Having said that, there are still some surgeons that perform a tummy tuck along with buttock augmentation. Though this combo procedure is relatively safe, the patient will, without doubt, experience some difficulties and discomforts while sleeping and resting during the first few days. This is the reason why many surgeons discourage patients from asking for a combo procedure that combines a butt augmentation with a tummy tuck.


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